A Hundred Thousand Years of Rain [on hiatus]

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After a heavy rainfall, humans appreciate the sun that dries the sodden earth and warms the air; after a droughty period, they pray for rain that makes the landscape blossom and the harvest grow. When there is rain, there cannot be drought; when there is drought, there cannot be rain. The sun can only come out when the rain ceases, and the rain can only fall when the sun is covered. To keep balance in heaven and on earth, rain and drought have to move around from place to place, never together, but always separately. The one cannot exist without the other, yet they cannot exist simultaneously. They follow each other in constant yearning, but in the end, they always miss one another and can never unite; the one living in heaven, the other on earth, for eternity: the rain god and the drought goddess.

Even when mountains flatten and riverbeds run dry,

And the earth moves to become one with the sky,

Even when winter has thunder and summer has snow,

Never will my feelings do anything but grow.

- By Heaven! (上邪)


This story will continue by the end of this year when I have finished my thesis! 

My side project to "In the Prince's Chamber". This story falls under the genre "xian xia" and revolves around immortals, gods, deities and sprites. It is inspired by Chinese mythology, mainly by the "Battle of Zhuolu", but also loosely by the novels 月都花落,沧海花开 and 香蜜沉沉烬如霜. Thus, some characters in this story are formed after certain deities appearing in Chinese mythology. I will not give away who will portray who, because I don't want to spoil their identities or details of the plot, which is why the description is also rather vague. Please give the first chapters a try to see whether this story suits your taste. 

I chose my favorite c-entertainment celebs as the leads, because I'd love to see them in a project together once! Zheng Shuang is my main this time, because I love her. And she's getting so much hate which she doesn't deserve, so this is my personal support for her!  

Happy reading!






"You made me realize that destiny isn’t something that simply waits for you. It’s something you can forge yourself if you have hope in your hand."

-Star Crossed Myth




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You have all my favourite Chinese artists!! This is a must read for me!!
But I will wait until it's off hiatus !
Chapter 5: I really hope that you will continue to write this story. I adore Zheng Shuang too! However, I ship her with Yang Yang actually (since Love O2O) but I'm open with whoever Zheng Shuang will end up with because she is too pretty! Yang Yang needs to come out soon lol.
Eholi1 #3
I love Yang Yang and Xianxia stories!
Chapter 5: Hello! I'm a new reader! And this story is FANTASTIC! please update as soon as you can!! I can't wait to read what happens next!!! <3 XOXO~!
Chapter 5: ohmygod so it'll never rain again
but how come they behave so differently as gods??
WHAT A BEAUTIFUL ART POSTER!!! That is seriously so beautiful and matches the story so well! :)
unicxrn_rose #7
Do update soon as I can't wait to read the next chapter!!! By far this story's plot is the most interesting and one of a kind for me so thank you for creating this story for us!! ^^ ✨
ariannaiman1614 #8
Chapter 5: Omg i love this story sooooo mmuuucccchhhhhhh~~~~ the plot is very interesting and truly amazing!!! I really like to read those history fanfic and this story and the 'In the prince chamber' is by far my favourite~~~ omg i cant wait to read the next chapter!!! Thank you very much author-nim~♡
JiannaKpopGirl #9
I am so happy that you added my favorite Chinese celebs in the story, I love Zheng Shang, Luhan, Yangyang and everyone else!
Chapter 5: what?? omg.. please udpate soon pleash..... :((((((