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Tired of searching through endless fanfictions only to find out that Kai/Jongin tops? Well fear no longer because here is a list of well written, cute Jongin as a bottom. If you do not believe in Nini bottoming, just leave this recommendation list. You may also find your bias topping here, should you be in the need for example of some badass top!Kyungsoo.



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By bubbleteacups Updated Jan 23, 2015 5:03:07

Tags  abuse   angst   shinee   taemin   exo   kai   taekai 

Characters Taemin, Jongin, Kyungsoo, Seo Kangjoon (Roommate), Sehun, Onew, Taekai, Kaisoo, Bottom!Kai

With 7 chapters, 55 votes, 458 subscribers, 8730 views, 159 comments

Status [M]

Jongin was brought into the world entirely for his older twin Taemin, who was the prince of the country. Ever since so young, Jongin had to provide all the organs and cells the prince needed, and had to live his life bounded and hidden in the hospital ward whereas Taemin didn't even know of Jongin's existence. Would their twin connection be strong enough for the prince to discover his unfortunate twin in time? Was the prince powerful enough to protect his twin who wasn't even regarded as a human?

Author's Note

Hi there, since I am a massive bottom!Jongin lover myself, I have made a collection of fanfictions of this genre and decided to share them with the rest of the world. Please do forgive me for any possible grammar mistakes. English is not my native language but I do try to better my vocabulary and grammar to the best of my possibilities. Also for those who recommended a story, I sincerely want to thank you because it spares me the time I would need to find a new fanfiction ^^. Thank you in advance and I hope this story recommendation list spared you some time. Have an awesome day!


Please READ the first chapter: Rules, Recommendation Format etc. BEFORE recommending me anything. Any recommendations made without the proper format will be removed from now on. Thank you.

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SophieXOXO312 #1
Title: Of Mocha And Latte Froth
Author: Anonymous
Genres: Fluff and cotton candies everywhere
Status: It's compleet (i want- no,NEED a sequel tho)
Jongin's character: Shy and blushes a lot
Summary: *there's no summary, um...*
(Based on this I guess??? ^^^)

p/s:fml bye i need to drown myself in a pool filled with latte
SophieXOXO312 #2
Chapter 1:

Title:Be brave
Jongin's character:Shy
Summary:Baekhyun confesses with his own unique way.
Chapter 91: I love Hyperionova ♥ and her stories. A big thank you to you and everyone who is sharing recommendations. I always check here to find something new to read.
thisloveisgoood #4
The title : The Straight guys

Status : uncomplete

Author : xoxOnew and All_for_kaisoo

Genre : drama , agnst , kaisoo , forbidden love

Warning : Rated M , bullying

Summary : The straight guy loves his fellow band mate a lot.

But the straight guy has to hide his emotions …..

The straight guy needs to be loved by him and him only ..

Will he ever be able to say those three words he’s dying to scream…

The three words lost at the back of his throat,, those three words .....

"I am Gay 

for you."
emely20 #5
The title : A taste of happiness

Status : uncomplete

Author : emely20

Genre : romance , drama , Sekai , Chankai and possibility of other couples

Warning : Rated M , Cheating

Summary : Jongin is happy , he is perfectly happy with his life . He literally have everything a persone will ask for .
Or at least that what he thought until he met...him .