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please hae...
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eunhyuk POV


I'm just a boy that come from Neungguk back then when I'm start attending this school. It's a day before the school start when I first come to the dorm.

When I come to the dorm, the workers hand me a paper that the you who is with you in your room. I read my number. 07 lee hyuk jae, lee dong hae. 'lee dong hae huh?' I thought in my mind.  I don't even interest in his name.

So I come to my room and unpacked my stuff when I have a lot in my mind. Hey I don't know I have to regret this or not but  I feel like... uneasy.

actually I am studying here just because I don't like when shindong hyung, my brother blood related brother mocked me I'm sick at it. I know he is just kidding, but it hurts me so bad. Because I am gay, that is the main reason shindong hyung mocking me.

and when I see this room, I think it's too narrow. 2 single bed in the right and left, 2 cupboard, 2 lockers for our books. And a side door to the bathroom. And I like my room tidy. Also I don't like sharing my room with anybody. And hell if that lee dong hae guy is messy, what must I do?

maybe study in seoul is a wrong choice. While I'm busy with my thoughts, there is a guy come in to my room.I am just thinking oh my GOD how gorgeous


he is wearing a wife beater, jeans and a hat. And it's a summer, so he is sweating and hell, he is so y!

"hi, i'm lee donghae" he smile at me. offering his hand to me.

"I.. I'm eunhyuk," I'm hesitately shake his hands. he is my type. definitely my type.

"am I enter a wrong room? my roommate suppose to be lee hyuk jae," he said while scratching his hair.

"no , no I'm lee hyuk jae but I prefer people call me eunhyuk."

"okay then hyukkie." he said that and smile

"huh? hyukkie?" I murmured, but I guess he heard.

"don't you like it? If you don't li..."

"I.. LIKE IT!" I'm screaming at a high volume making him a bit surprised,

"hahhaa, hyukie, you are a funny guy." he said and started to unpacked his thing.

do you know that he is so y, he is so... oh my god how to even describe that in words? I'm realize that I'm staring at him and I'm blushing.

so I'm excuse myself for go out the room oh my. he is so gorgeous.gorgeous.gorgeous!!!

Then I'm wandering and found a park, and play a swing. I'm busy again with my own thoughts.

And my minds gone wild. 'ahh hyukjae, you found your type finally huh?' I thought, then I feel shy and try to stop my thoughts, oh please stop, I can be crazy I'm wandering just because I want to stop my pounding hearts. How if I'm back to the dorm wwith this still pounding stupid heart? I'm messed up! But then I reminds of something! 'Hyukkie' that's what he called me. I'm bet I'm blushing again. My cheeks real hot. Then when I try to calm down, I remind of it again. 'Hyukkie' oh damn, my minds not in the right state.

After finally I calm down a little,  I got back to the dorm, there's many people gathering already.

and I noted a few of people to, like who is that again? hee.. heechul? he adress himself as heenim and he is creepy, he is smirk at me when we shake hands. And maybe I can be good with sungminnie because it seems like he is my kind, well, frankly speaking.. Gay. and he is a warm hearted person. And looks like someone you can trust.

Then I come back to my room, donghae is playing with his phone and omo...

what in the world a guy can posed naturally beautiful just when he is playing with his handphone? his hair is the messy type and the sun to his hair and it's absolutely.... Hot.




at first, it's only friendship, but later on, as the time goes by, he is becoming my closest friend, but I know he is not a gay like me. he loves jessica. it's hurts so much you know. but I think there's not much I can do. He believes in me so I just think I can't let him down. Even he is talking about that jessica girl, I'm listening at him with a broken heart.

I know this jessica girl love him, but I hope they don't be in a relationship. Yes you may called me cruel or whatsoever, I don't want 2 ppl that in love with each other dating. but in fact they do now and it hurts my heart a lot.

so here I am in the rooftop laying in the floor and let my teardrops fall. 'please hae. be mine.' I murmured with my hands grasp the sky and cry.




Donghae POV


hyukie, the lee hyuk jae guy. I think he is the sweetest guy in earth. you know that I'm straight. I love jessica and I'm straight. but how come I often fascinated with his lips when he is wake up in the morning. When his face become paler and the lips bicome glossy pink and it's just.. ergh.. I'm straight. just forget it.


but after I think about it, he is crying when he knows I'm going out with jessica he is a very good friend right? He is the best! he is happy for my sakes.

but come to think at it, it's already dawn and he is not come back from school, is something happened to him? should I called him? so I take my phone and call him. It's deactivate. It makes me crazy.

So I call heechul hyung, my other close friend if he sees eunhyuk. but he said eunhyuk nowhere to found and he is skipping his extra class, and I called sungmin, eunhyuk bestfriend, but he said he isn't with him and asked isn't that eunhyuk in the dorm now.

So maybe I think I should find him by myself. hey hyukkie. where are you? aree you okay? please be okay. because I don't know why but I'm started to freaked out. where is he, he is alone for 4 hours since then.

where is he? for god sakes.


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