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V.I.S: Very Important Secret


Only Learned The Bad Things - B1A4 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IC4ZCsgD3S0)     --------------------- Narrator’s P.O.V:     After testing was over, it was lunch break. Luckily for you, you had remembered almost everything you had studied on the test, and you had a headache.   The lunch bell rang as class was dismissed. *I hope Minwoo’s okay.* You thought to yourself as you sighed and sprawled your arms onto your desk.   Suddenly, someone nudged your shoulder and you looked up to see Boram.   “Mind having lunch together?” She asked with a sly glint in her eye. You secretly knew what her motive was, though. You let out a sigh. *Time to explain everything....*   -----------------------   You and Boram were on the school roof, in your normal lunch spot.   The two of you were eating the lunch you made since Boram never had a homemade lunch. It was natural for you to make her lunch too, since her parents didn’t care about a delinquent like her.   “So what you’re saying is,” Boram paused between bites of an eggroll, “That hobo proclaimed to be your so...

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cutiepieee #1
Chapter 54: Found this again after reading it years ago and i remember now why i loved this story so much♡ thanks so much for writing this story... it will remain my ultimate favourite till the end♡
Angelapham0715 #2
Chapter 54: I'm seriously in love with this story >~< So cute xD
Angelapham0715 #3
Chapter 4: It's just 4 chapters into the story and I'm already crying a river ㅠㅠ
luluxoxo #4
Chapter 54: This is cute! Ohh~ I love this
JagiJagi #5
Chapter 54: This is such a cute story, I had a great time reading it! >w<
Angel01291 #6
Chapter 54: Awwww this is sooooo cute~~~~ :D <3 <3
muzikmaster #7
Chapter 19: Thanks for all the love! <3
Celineeeeteo #8
Chapter 34: How do you put a link onto a sentence , i cant seem to do it :-( like your click for cuteness how do u put a link on it ? :o
twinkle_blossom #9
Chapter 54: Aww~ it was such a sweet story! I had fun reading it! >.<
Mayaorchidea #10
Super sweet story with an equally super sweet MInwoo ^^