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Hyorin thought she lost it all when she found herself dropping out of university, unable to handle the pressures of the life her family was forcing her into. With her life crumbling around her at this decision, she hits one of luck, landing the coveted job as BTS' personal videographer just as she is sure she won't be able to make it. She joins the boys on their journey through debut and in their rise to stardom, developing a unique relationship with each one of them. 



Kim Hyorin

Our leading lady. She's 23 and currently BTS' digital media manager. She hails from a family of high status, her father hitting it big in the steel industry in her hometown of Busan. Her mother is of Japanese origin, but fled to Busan in order to escape her suffocatingly conservative family and become a career woman. As such, she has wholeheartedly adopted traditional Korean values, the most prominent of all being the importance presenting a perfect front. Hyorin and her mother constantly heads because of Hyorin's natural rebellion against the notion.

To outsiders, Hyorin's a very quiet girl that keeps to herself. To those close to her, she's very open and caring individual, with a strong drive to personally save and fix those she cares about. Though she appears timid, she's very hard set in her ways and beliefs of the world, and refuses to budge on her ideals unless evidence suggests she should reevaluate. She's a particularly emotional person, disliking showing it in front of others, but often ends up doing so anyway since she doesn't have a very good handle on them. She is a hard worker, and pours her heart and soul into the work she's passionate about. She absolutely adores her BigHit family and puts all of their needs far before her own.

MBTI type - INFP

Bangtan Boys

Hyorin classifies them as her currently family. Each one of the boys has a special relationship with her, and all of them consider her very important to them. The significance of her relationship with each of the seven boys will be highlighted as the story progresses.


Additional Supporting Characters

Kim Jihoon - Hyorin's older brother. They were previously very close when she was young, but after she was disowned by her parents, she hasn't heard a word from him. MBTI type - ISFJ

Nakamura Mina - A recently hired makeup artist for BigHit who hails from Japan. She's a bright and outgoing person, balancing out Hyorin's reserved personality. Though she has a habit of being a bit too nosey and invasive, she has a heart of gold and is incredibly loyal. MBTI type - ESTP

Choi Sohee - Formerly a cordi-noona for BigHit and Hyorin's best friend. Her role in the story becomes clear as time goes on. MBTI type - ESTJ

Park Jinwoo - Hyorin's ex-boyfriend and first love. They were together for four years, and she was convinced that they would get married. They met via her brother, who was one of Jinwoo's close friends in high school. MBTI type - ISTP

Kim Minjae - A new employee with BigHit under Hyorin's authority. Seems like a normal enough person at the start. MBTI type - ISFP


A/N: When I originally came up with this idea, I liked the idea of keeping the romantic partner a secret to leave a little mystery to the whole situation. However, its quickly developed into a story that is about the importance of love; whether that love be romantic, platonic, or familial. It is up to you, the reader, to read between the lines and decipher each relationship. ^^

Usual disclaimers blah blah. I do not own anything but my OC characters. Situations potentially exaggerated for fiction purposes. I try to keep it as realistic as possible, however. Please do not plagiarize my work; this story is my baby and its messed up to steal someone's intellectual property. 

I hope you guys enjoy the journey!!

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