【 Do You Roleplay 】now openin' 'n acceptin' all asians! come 'n join the squad!



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you're the only one, ever. even if you're not perfect you're limited edition! anyways, someone wants you and that's us, so, just do you and join the crew.

just wear what you want, how you want to, that's swag. if you follow trends that's good. if you're totally different that's good. just you, yourself, is hood. originally everything from the beginning- there was nothing right or wrong, just that various things are different. haters gon' hate and players gon' play, muf*ckas keep muf*ckin' all day. follow my rules, my friend, and we'll roleplay.

from head to toe, baby, you slay! come be you and do you at our place.


do You

since 11.13.15




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Name: Kim Matthew
Group/Occupation: K.A.R.D
Stage Name: BM
Password: nothin's everything, everything's nothin'.
Feeling-Woozi #2
Name: Kim Jisoo
Group/Occupation: Blackpink
Stage Name (if applicable): Jisoo
Password: Nothin's everything, everything's nothin'.
rebecca_lee #3
Chapter 1: Name: Sana
Group/ occupation: Twice
Stage name (if applicable): Sana
Password: nothin's everything, everything's nothin'
auscultation #4
Chapter 2: Name: moonbin.
Group/occupation: astro.
Stage name (if applicable): -
Password: nothin's everything, everythin's nothin'.
Ragoko #5
Chapter 1: Name: Jang Dongwoo
Group: Infinite
Stage Name: Dongwoo
Password: Nothin's everything, everything's nothin'
amandajane349 #6
Chapter 1: Name: Kim Myungsoo
Group: Infinite
Stage Name: L
Password: Nothin's everything, everything's nothin'

(Character change from Chen/Kim Jongdae)
kpopbapp #7
Name: Choi Bitna
Group/Occupation: Ladies' Code
Stage Name (if applicable): Ashley
Password: Nothin's everything, everything's nothin'.
Name: Kim Hanbin
Group/Occupation: iKON
Stage Name: B.I.
Password: Nothin's everything, everything's nothin'.
Name: Bae Joohyun
Group/occupation: Red Velvet
Stage name (if applicable): Irene
Password: Nothin's everything, everything's nothin
kyeoaegi #10
Chapter 2: Name: myoui mina
Group/occupation: twice
Stage name (if applicable): mina
Password: nothin's everything, everything's nothin.