In Three Years' Time

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Arranged marriages were something of the past, not commonly seen in this day and age. But contract marriages were different. With two parties both gaining something out of the union, this new form of marriage was slowly becoming an unsaid norm in certain societies; and Jaehwa and Dongwoon were no exception. What happens when two childhood friends, who let distance and circumstance drift them apart, are forced to enter a 3-year long union? Will they finally rekindle their friendship, even after realizing that they are no longer the people they once were? Or will they drift further apart simply living side by side as strangers?

Rated R for language and some ually mature themes.


Start Date: 10/25/10 (the day I began writing the fic)

Finish Date: 11/21/10

Length: 22 chapters

Word Count: 39,255


<<<Big Thank You to graphikmarsxd for the poster!!!>>>


a/n: Same rules apply like my other fics - the story will be updated with one chapter daily :)

I personally felt that both Dongwoon and Daesung were underrepresented here on AFF, so I wanted to make a fic using them :) I hope you guys enjoy it!


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B2uty5678 #1
Chapter 22: Wow!!!! It was so well written
monsier #2
Chapter 22: Soo cute! I could imagine lil Minho running ^^
aquatriangles #3
Chapter 22: This is legit one of the best fics ive read
paddlepop #4
Chapter 22: Read the whole fic in one reading. This fic is awesome. Word. This fic is more than awesome. Dear Lord, some jerks are disgusting but hell Dongwoon jerk is hot. Gossshhhh. Thanks for writing such an awesome fic. Looking forward for more BEAST fics of yours! ♥ Keep on writing! You're really good at it. :)
Chapter 22: Ah, what a happy ending they've got! This is the best! :)
SweetHoneyy #6
Chapter 22: This story is so touching! Your language is really strong(: I thoroughly enjoyed this fic, thank you for writing this! <3
tawphawt #7
Chapter 22: This fanfic is so good. Your English is the best!!!! Well done^^
paperdolls #8
Chapter 22: Finally a story that has proper grammar >>"
I swear, this is one in a million ^^b good job ~
and I almost died at the 'wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am' part XD
piratess #9
arghhh~~~sooo hot pluss sooo sweet~~keekeee~~
seungriism #10
Waaa! I love it! :)