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Stranger (Three Shots)


     Siwon and Yoona was a perfect couple. But no one ever imagined that their love for one another will fade… or did it really fade?


(I was editing a picture when I suddenly had another idea. This is just a three shots. I hope you would like it.)


Choi Siwon

- He remember every single details on his past.

- Loves Yoona a lot that he can't move on even after years had passed


Im Yoona

- She's a popular model who just returned from France.

- She felt something is missing in her life that is why she returned to Korea.



Jessica Jung

- Siwon's co-worker

- Siwon always compare her to Yoona.


Lee Donghae

- Jessica's boyfriend

- He is jealous with Siwon and Jessica's bond as a co-worker.

- He is Yoona's best friend without anyone knowing it.


Super Generation

- Some couples will just appear.


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Ganesha407 #1
Chapter 3: so sweet.
i love it
Jbeeps #2
Chapter 3: YOONWON!!so sweet!! authornim plss write some more.
YoongWon #3
totally love this.
Babypearl #4
Yoonwon in love :D
ninepearls #5
jundaes #6
i loved it! :)
superjuniorforever13 #7
It was so sweet I love this :D
wondering_why #8
I really wanna cry when I read ch.2! Update sooooon! XD
dinhae #9
ahhhh sad chapter!!! yoong-ah!! please try to remember siwon!! T.T
superjuniorforever13 #10
Aww it was just..ugh yoong please remember!