Noisy Thoughts


Irene moves in to her new apartment, where she meets her interesting roommate. 



Credit goes out to the owners of those pictures (used in the cover). 

And yes, it's a chapter story. 


Fan Works made by amazing people. I really do appreciate it; you're all incredible. These were supposed to be posted in a separate chapter called "Hall of Fame" at the very end of this story, but I couldn't wait that long. So here they are.

Thank you!

By Maomao-


By @seulwans


By @taengyaa


Original song written and sung by @sluggiesapple

To Wendy (Noisy Thoughts)

By @ironbunneh


By @afangirlmess

Selected music tracks for Noisy Thoughts by @FourEyedBear (which I now write to):

NT Soundtrack 1

With certain songs representing pairs and individuals as chosen by FourEyedBear here:

  1. Car Radio - twenty one pilots (Wendy's Theme)
  2. Sacred Heart - The Civil Wars (Seulgi's Theme)
  3. Look After You - The Fray (Irene's Theme)
  4. 241 (My Favorite Song) - Rivermaya (Joy's Theme)
  5. Goodnight Moon - Go Radio (WenRene's Theme)
  6. Why I'm Home - Go Radio (Seuldy's/Wenseul's Theme)
  7. The Last Something That Meant Anything - Mayday Parade (Yerene's Theme)
  8. This Photograph is Proof (Taking Back Sunday) - Taking Back Sunday (JoyGi's Theme)
  9. The Scientist - Coldplay (Yeri's Theme)

NT Soundtrack 2

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Kriase 0 points #1
Chapter 14: Ive been waiting for so long for an update. As usual, this is amazing.
111 streak 0 points #2
Chapter 14: Wow. It really spiraled to be Nasty Thoughts lol.
That aside, M unnieeee you did amazing, as always.

I love, love how consistent all the characters are, especially Joohyun. Everything that she did in this chapter is so her. I'm not surprised by her actions at all; instead I started comparing her to myself. I would probably run and hide with everything that is happening but Joohyun takes charge of her own ship and shows how capable she is. That's admirable. And I also love, love Yeri's headstrong personality that refuses to give Joohyun a choice when she's no longer one. It can be seen as a cowardly move but it's also wise, because there's no point in opening up old wounds when it's no longer necessary. But now that it's thrown out there, I hope Yeri can slowly start finding closure. I wonder if Yeri's dad arc will be brought up in future chapters or if that's the conclusion of it and he never finds out that his daughter isn't exactly running into Joohyun's arms.

For a moment, I had hopes that SaeRi would happen and then you hinted to JoyRi and now I don't know how ships other than WenRene will turn out to be anymore ._. Though when Joy says she loves Yeri and Joohyun equally, the possibility of JoyRi kinda flew out of the window for me.

Also the title of the chapter! I think you're amazing in naming your chapters because I can find so many connections between the title and what's happening in the story aaaaahhhhh. Like when Seungwan is concerned about hurting others if she gets together with Joohyun (one side up, another must be down).

A true senpai indeed T.T
Looking forward for the (hopefully soon) future chapters <3
mindfulliving 0 points #3
Just want to say that your writing is really beautiful. I'm not someone who reads fanfictions regularly, in fact, not at all. But just happen to stumble on this story, and I'm very drawn into your beautiful, descriptive writing style. I've finished reading all 14 chapters within a week. Keep it up!!! Looking forward to your next updates.
Chapter 14: I am hurt but at the same time happy OMG
Chapter 14: okay i just finished reading the whole story from the beginning and i dont think im worthy to even leave a comment this is THE story this is ART
fluffyhedgehog #6
i just wanted to say that i'm subscribed to everything you write on multiple accounts; i just want to devour everything, bit by bit, and treasure it quietly. but i'm so glad that everyone else is loving your little stories! you're lovely, and i'm really rooting for yeri + seulgi + joy, the underdogs of this masterpiece!! give them happy endings and don't break my heart :(
Chapter 14: Wow this chapter is one hell of a roller coaster ride. And tying up loose ends my Wenrene heart is beating so hard that last part ahh they're so inlove and they're together at last I need more and gosh I'm falling deeper in love with Joy's character but my Joygi heart is still breaking :( Joy~ie & Seul bear let me hug you both please don't leave my Joygi heart unsatisfied. And as for Yeri thank you author you manage to make me love Yeri here than the last time. It's such a bittersweet story for Yerene and that reason of Yeri running away *claps* that was good author! It just made me laugh during the part where Yeri calls her friend I was thinking of her trainee friends in SM to be mentioned but I got suprised because its freaking Saeron! I should have known hahaha anyway that was an amazing chapter!! I'm sure by the end of this fic I'll be rereading this again. Happy New Year and Have a nice day can't wait for the update.
I'm a long time reader, but that's the first time I'm commenting. Just wanted to say even though the story have been a emotional rollercoaster for such angsty reasons and it hits a bit too close to home, the first scene that actually made me tear up was Yeri and Joy reconciling. I'm too attached to Yeri's character here, so I felt so touched by Joy's gesture and their genuine words of love.

Thanks for the update. I hope you have a great new year.
Another sleepless night caused by this masterpiece. I wish one day, I loved someone as much as I love this story. Thank you for writing a story that made me feel things I have never felt before. This really is a work of art.
Chapter 14: So I finally finished it after three days of read, class, homework, read.

Okay, Yeri hit too close too home. That was a terrible ride, it actually made me stop and think of life LOL (I mean every chapter made me rethink everything.) I admit I actually cried c: And Joy too. To stay friends with someone who, in a way, rejected you is definitely on another level. You have to deal with the hurt and I can imagine how that's quite frustrating, and yeah, they all have similar things, I just realized that pfft


Oh, and unnie, that ending is so like you, just saying. XD

Will it turn rated? :o

This was a nice closure to things. But it's still 80%, so still excited for the upcoming ones!