The Efflorescence of Devotion

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How Byun Baekhyun met Kim Jongdae...





For everyone who has read My Everything, this is Baekhyun and Jongdae's story. How they met, and the efflorescence of their relationship.

This story is a standalone – you do not have to read My Everything in order to understand this story. However, if you would like to, you may read it here :)


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Chapter 1: I always had a soft spot for ChenBaek, I simply love their friendship (as they have always been tigether since the beginning of EXO) and interactions. I swear they are best friend goals and this fanfic is awesome!
Djatasma #2
Chapter 1: Omgosh I dint know why I'm treating up. I've read the other story as it's gone.
deedeelaruku #3
Chapter 1: Ooo my Gggghaaaaaawwdd!! I looooove this... I always found the bond between Baek n Jongdae somehow has this deep friendship in exo... N this story just complimented it. Thaaank you soooo much!!! I crave for more tho hehehehehe
Bless u author-nim
Chapter 1: Like it so much. Chenbaek feels~ Thanks author ^^
Chapter 1: the only thing unsaid was the I love yous but even that was portrayed in their love for eachother. this was truly sweet and adorable and gh it gave me the major chenbaek feelz.
Lyn_95 #6
Chapter 1: Omfg that was prefect c:
R_nine21 #7
Chapter 1: awwww~~ asdfghjkl so qt
Chapter 1: is too sweet ..i can't handle in their cuteness..Aigoooo...
Chapter 1: I always love baekchen friendship!!
144385 #10
Chapter 1: Usually in this site, the ending must have been happy ending-love or angst-love. This is actually the first AFF I read without neither one of that and I enjoy it very much^^ I need more of this ship in my life

PS: BaekChen ship had sailed!!