Forgot to Remember [Full Fic]


Sungmin and Kyuhyun were a happy couple... until they met an accident... causing Kyuhyun to lose his memory and causing Sungmin to take all the blame.

How could he take Kyuhyun back when... he forgot to remember?


"Minnie-ah" Kyuhyun looked at him meaningfully.

It's not the time to smile like that, Cho Kyuhyun...

"I love you..." Kyuhyun whispered as he wrapped his arms around the older man.


The next thing happened...

Sungmin could only wish for his lover to wake up and go home with him... but the moment he wakes up... he no longer remember anything... the only thing he knows is before he woke up, someone kissed him and when he opened his eyes he saw a petite, cute nurse named Kim Ryeowook.


Cho Kyuhyun (main)

Lee Sungmin (main)

Kim Ryeowook (second main)

Kim Jongwoon (second main)

Choi Siwon (not so main?)

Lee Donghae (minor)

Lee Hyukjae (minor)



Author's note:

I've been lying to myself these days, especially when I finished my last full fic-Break Up Battle. I told myself not to write Kyumin fic for the meantime and there I posted a one shot version of Forgot to Remember. And then I told everyone in my FTR One Shot that I will post this early next year and yet... I haven't reach the last month of the year!


Credits to iheartkyuhyunsuju for my lovely poster: received on 24.12.2011 haha!


Anyways... hope you'll support my new fic. Comments and Subscription are deeply appreciated!^^


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mingie101_ #2
Re-reading this fic. :)
liyahseull #3
Chapter 34: lmao XD why am I laughingly crazily to Yewook's line XD hahaha great!!!!!
twieterry #4
Chapter 5: here iam.. re-reading your story for nth times. i miss you
may1104 #5
Hi, i'm doing a task from college about fan fiction, can i got your e-mail? i wanna ask about this fan fict that you've made? Thank you^^ i hope you can reply ASAP
commonfanatic #6
Chapter 35: You really do know how to make people cry ;^; anyway its a perfect fic with an ending i pretty much like (^_^) yay fighting author-nim!~
miniaaaa #7
Chapter 35: Wow.
Thankyu do muchchchch.
It was wonderfull.
But i dont forgive U because bring out my sungmin's tears.
Kkkkk it's just jock.=D
Thankyuuu chinguyaaaaaa :)
ElfKyurie1106 #8
Chapter 35: This is something realy great I love what happened on KyuMin <3 and poor wonnie I hope he'll find someone soon <3 <3 thanks author!;)
PAUtato-Kun #9
Chapter 35: I read this again and I just realized Choi Siwon is the hero of this story. Really. He flew back to Korea just to fix the both Kyuhyun and Sungmin are in and even got his heart broken at the process. Seriously. gahhhhhh

love you Wonnie♥
mickyuminnie #10
Chapter 35: This story really melted my kyumin shippy heart! Thank you authornim for writing such a great and really memorable fanfic! Reading this made me feel happy, sad, angry, etc. This is really worth reading! I really love it from the bottom of my heart ♥♥♥ I really like it that all the casts were happy in the end, especially my kyumin!!! I hope you'll be able to write more great kyumin fanfics in the future! Authornim fighting! Kyumin fighting!♥♥♥
Erovanah #11
Ah, this fanfict made me cry and even more love my KyuMin bias.
Even though the conflict is cliché, you author did a great job beautifying it. (y)