Game Changer

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Song Yejin is convinced that Wang Jackson is out to ruin her life and it's driving her insane.



"My life had been a series of unfortunate events.

Your existence seemed to be another pothole in the bumpy path to my success.

Teasing me and creating hope that one day we could be normal."





Start Date: Sept. 4th, 2015

End Date: Feb 20th, 2016

Chapter Count: 35

Total Word Count: 54,129

Average Chapter Length: 1546.5 words (7pages)




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Raekyung 1 points #1
Chapter 35: Great story! Although it is full of unpredictable twist, still love the characters that yejin built along the way. Keep up the good work! Hope to read more of jeabumxyejin moments in the future.(sequel?) :)
1 points #3
Congratulations on getting featured!
22 streak #4
Chapter 35: I'd be lying if I'd say I wasn't surprised, because demn, the twists in the plot were extremely flabbergasting! It was like Jackson-Jackson-Jackson-Jack-- no wait -- Youngjae-Youngjae--- JAEBUM?!? Well, Jackson was always a jerk but I've grown so found of him for like half of the story and I was really shocked when she got with Youngjae because I srsly did not know where that ship came from (or maybe I just didn't notice). But I'm really happy about the character development Yejin had -- she really grew up to be mature and all. Tbh I silently shipped her with Jaebum for like one chapter, in the earlier part, but then it faded because... uhmmm... basically -- Jackson. Kinda happy she ended up with him tho. Anyway, great read!
Miusshi #5
Chapter 35: Woah! Such drastic twists and turns. Major character transformation. Loved it!
1 points #6
Chapter 7: It's amazing how horrible Jackson is... I'm sure he doesn't see the error in his ways to get her attention . We all know someone like that in real life and just the thought of it ticks me off
[deactivated] 1 points #7
Chapter 3: Jackson, unfortunately, how Yejin sees you is how I'm seeing you. If you were really sorry, then shouldn't you clear up Yejin's name? You got her into trouble and obviously, that's a big issue to her. I hope that I'll see another side of you because so far, things are not looking good on my side.

To you, dearest author, I've only read three chapters but trust me when I say that your writing is effective. You can see it for yourself by reading my comments. I'm sympathizing for Yejin and supporting her. I feel upset towards Jackson like how I'm upset towards a real life person. I get angry at the mention of Yejin's parents. That says a lot about your ability as an author.
[deactivated] 1 points #8
Chapter 2: Oh, my, Jackson. What do you actually want with Yejin? Is the bet still on? I wonder why he is so persistent. It's so unnecessary to treat Yejin that way. Girl, if I were you, he would have been -slapped. Nobody can change my schedule but me. However, I do notice that there are hints that Jackson might have feelings for her? If he does, the why did he make the bet then? And why did he allow all the conversation about the bet happening when she's close enough to hear them? God, I really need to keep reading to know more.
[deactivated] 1 points #9
Chapter 1: Oh, wow, Jackon...he hasn't really landed himself on a good note on my book, at least. I feel sad for Yejin because she must have suffered a lot. I mean, knowing that you're being asked out just because of a bet is pretty harsh. And that has happened more than once. I want to decorate my comment with a more appropriate choice of words but I'm afraid that I'll offend you and it's only the first chapter. But Jackson, I'm gonna keep my eyes on you.

Also, the thing about biased parents really make me angry. I just can't believe how some certain parents believe that only the "best" child deserve the best treatment. I'm so sorry for being emotional. I'll keep this to myself.
[deactivated] 1 points #10
Wow, it's amazing how one line can make this fic feels so intriguing.