The cute poster tutorial~

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Okay, first of all. IM SOO SORRY FOR THE DELAY! Damn school-__- And Ive made the tutorial as pictures. So im gonna put up a poll at the end of this tutorial~ Lets start arasso? ^_^ So uhm, please forgive me if the pics are overly big ToT

Okay first of all, create a new thingy~


After that, you need to create a new layer

Then, you choose your color such as, and click on the bucket fill and make the image the color of your choice.

Then just draw your buildings and go around the image.

Then choose the color you want(preferbly black or dark grey) and color in the buildings. Make sure the layers looks like this

After that, draw your ground and go around the image.

Choose your color(preferbly green) and color it in the ground

Then choose 'rectangle select tool' and start drawing your windows. click 'delete' after that

Make a new layer

Paste the image youve selected

After than just crop it (use free select tool) and press 'ctrl+i' then delete

Add in your text. I will show you how to download texts after the dark poster~

Right click the text on layers. Go to alpha to selection.

Go to select and click grow

Choose the size you want(preferbly 2-5) 

Add in a new layer

Move the layer down the text. Then choose your color and click bucket full. then color the wording.


Thats it~ Now for poll!






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L_Drea_0906 #1
Chapter 2: how do you get a url for a picture you edited in GIMP?
--shootingstars #2
Chapter 3: My I ask what screen capture software u what is you screen capture thingy called
ChibiMusicStar #3
please teach cute posters next. (image tutorial) please continue this fic. ^^
BangTENboys #4
Chapter 3: Annyoeng~ but I have my poster but how can i add it to my fic? I tried to display it on a different site, but would not work>.<
18joyp #5
Hey!! I have my poster, but how can I add it to my fic?
deceited #6
Thank your all the tutorials butI tried chapter 8 and It didn't work.My gimp is crazy. T^T I did exactly the same as you did and my picture didn't change at all ....
clearlee #7
as long as you update! im lucky to be a subscriber! <3
kpopgirl366 #8
can i ask you how to upload the pictures onto photobucket?mine won't show up in my pictures when i try to upload it.
kpopgirl366 #9
im on chapter 2 and it would help if you told me what you pressed at the beginning on the layers and what is it called since i don't have the tab on the right
clearlee #10
lol im still gonna wait patiently! <3