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In a world that's black and white, one only begins to see color when they meet their soul mate. 


Sehun couldn't recall what it was like to see in black and white, he's seen the world in color for the longest time he could remember. In a world where everything is black and white, one will only be introduced to colors when they meet their soulmate. 


Ever since he was four years old, he's seen the blue hues of the skies, the shades of green, and the beautiful purple lilies outside. Sehun began to see colors when he met his best friend, Haeun. 


Now at age 26, Sehun's still by her side even though she's oblivious to the fact that they belong together. Through thick and thin, Sehun's comforted her and loved her despite the few broken hearts she's been through. 


Yearning to stop living in monochrome, Haeun goes on with her life unaware of the fact that the person who can break the greyscale is right in front of her.

"If two people are meant to be together, eventually they'll find their way back."

-Chuck Bass 

©krismatics 2015 

featured on: 07/26/2017

inspired by this tumblr post



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Trailer by Chiisanae 

Trailer by unpredictable911

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Chapter 19: *sing song cheering* GO HAEUN GO HAEUN GO HAEUN
Chapter 26: Thank you for this journey XD SEHUN AND HAEUN ARE SO SWEET HAIZ
xaerix #3
Chapter 28: Loved this story and will definitely check this out to support you x
Chapter 26: Thing I have in common with the character that die before they could see colour.. I will never know how i look like when i was a baby :')
Chapter 13: I can feel ya Sehun!!!! He has been standing strong through all the pains. I'm scared he'd break. I hope he's fine :)
48 streak #6
Chapter 25: I absolutely adore the idea of monochrome and colors here. I like how the story is evenly paced, even tho dramatic irony (where the readers know, yet the main character remains oblivious) isn't my cup of tea. Nonetheless, this was a good simplistic read! Congeatulations on getting featured ^^
lilsquishy #7
one of my fav story. author-nim, you must be a genius!
50 streak #8
Chapter 27: I like your attention to details so much.
50 streak #9
Chapter 26: This is an awesome idea. The ost is very good.
50 streak #10
Chapter 25: The ending was really sweet. Congratulations on getting featured, it is a great story, the idea was awesome. Good luck on your next stories.