The Great Reclamation

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So we might have underestimated North Korea. And by we, I mean humanity. The invasion was swift and unexpected, surprising the entire globe. The North Koreans claimed South Korea's land as their own, lauding the event as 'The Great Reclamation'.


My name is Zoey Yoo. I was born Yoo Seoyeon in South Korea, but after a tragic accident I was left an orphan at just a few months old. Thankfully, I was adopted by a well-off American family and was able to grow up with a normal life. When The Great Reclamation hit, though, my choice to retain my Korean citizenship came back to bite me in the .


This story is rated R for implied ual content and dark themes. This is a work of fiction. 


Story is complete at 211,209 words.

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bluemaple 0 points #1
Congrats!! :)
alienatedhuman 0 points #2
congrats on getting featured ♡
Emily901 1 points #3
Chapter 55: Tbh one of the best things I have ever read!
Ndapanda 1 points #4
Juicy-Pineapple 1 points #5
Chapter 55: Wow I’m speechless, this is so amazing the plot and how well it’s written wow. I’ve finally finished reading I can’t believe I only just found this a week ago I don’t regret staying up late just to read the next chapters haha
Juicy-Pineapple 1 points #7
Chapter 33: Damn I usually wait till I’m finished a fic to comment but chapters 32/33 have got me so emotional
1 points #8
Chapter 19: Now that I think about it, I'm simultaneously reading this with Error and have browsed through your other stories. I got too excited with the connections.

First with the idols bought by the American popstar. Turned out to be Vixx. But why only five? Hmm

And then that dog, which I have discovered to be connected to the first fic with Suju. Too bad its not there anymore. Might there be a chance for it in the future?

Loving every chapter. Thank you so much author-nim!!
myra_ig 1 points #9
Chapter 55: wonderful!! i'm glad i stumbled upon this fanfic! loved it!!! upvoted!