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Purchasing AFF Gold confers benefits and features to members that we can't normally provide for everyone due to cost and scale. 100% of proceeds are used to keep Asianfanfics up and running.

  • Earn 4X more karma points when you make a comment or get an upvote on your story

  • Instant notifications: Enabled and daily message limit increased

  • Event history capacity is doubled

  • AFF Railgun: Faster page loads (most useful for people on slow connections or mobile networks)

  • Ads are off for AFF Gold members

  • Subscribe up to 50 tags for your tag feed from a default of 25

  • Chapter statistics for your stories are now stored for a year up from the default of 5 days

  • Maximum number of invited readers for invitation-only stories increased to 500 from the default of 100

  • Gold member authors receive notifications when a subscriber unsubscribes

  • Gold member authors are able to view all members bookmarked to a chapter

  • Gold member authors are able to view the chapter bookmarks bar graph in their story statistics page

Purchasing AFF Gold during our fundraiser period also provides extra benefits. Please visit our fundraising section for details!

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