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Purchasing AFF Gold confers benefits and features to members that we can't normally provide for everyone due to cost and scale. 100% of proceeds are used to keep Asianfanfics up and running.

  • Instant notifications: Enabled and daily message limit increased

  • Event history capacity is doubled

  • AFF Railgun: Site content resides closer to the member through a distributed global network of servers instead of having to be requested from the main origin server resulting in faster page loads

  • Ads are turned off for AFF Gold members

  • Tag subscription limits are increased to 50 from the default of 25

  • Chapter statistics date range increased to 30 days from the default of 5

Purchasing AFF Gold during our fundraiser period also provides extra benefits. Please visit our fundraising section for details!

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$3.99 (+1 month Gold Status)

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