Mobile Android / iOS App Fundraiser

Asianfanfics was recently approached by some investors willing to help fund our endeavors if we were willing to change our name to something that would increase the number of users. After putting it up for debate, the community has decided that we will strike out on our own and fund our own projects ourselves. This fundraiser will help raise funds to create our own mobile app especially since over 50% of our users now exclusively use mobiles to access the site and would be greatly helped by a dedicated mobile app.

Purchasing AFF Gold membership will be one way to help raise funds for the app. Gold status confers benefits and features to members that we can't normally provide for everyone due to cost and scale. A good estimate of the cost of creating a mobile app was done by one of our members at We're estimating roughly a cost of $20,000 for an initial app.

Please visit our Purchase page if you'd like to participate in our fundraiser. The first few thousand participants of the fundraiser will also receive limited Charter member status and App Founder status.

Funds raised for mobile app: $19117.45 out of $20,000

Purchase Gold Status for the fundraiser