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Can You See Them?

By taehyung_cookies123 Requested on
Characters VIXX Leo and N, EXO Baekhyun and Chanyeol, SNSD Tiffany and Taeyeon, BTS Jungkook and Jimin and more.

I'm new to writing this story and I just want it to be heard out there in the community. I'm planning on updating a chapter after my plot has been reviewed as well as if there are graphics made for the story. Thank you so much... I really appreciate it! PS: I really hope it's not too cheesy, my story.


The Gifted

By AddictedToKorea Requested on
Characters Im Sulli (OC), Oh Sehun, Byun Baekhyun, Park Hye Mi (OC), EXO-K

Hello dear AFF members! I am requesting for a graphics request for my story! I will send you a message about my idea on what it should look like if you'd like to accept this request. Once again, thx! ㅅ.ㅅ


EXO in the TARDIS.

By JenLee Requested on
Characters EXO, The Doctor, Jennifer (oc)

Any Whovian who has a good idea of what Doctor who is about and can come up with good and funny ideas, please co-author the story with me! I can do the writing and I did write the first chapter well enough, but I can't come up with good enough ideas to keep the humor level up. I really don't want it to become boring. Also, anyone who would be interested in designing a cover poster for this story, your help is really appreciated. Please pm me for details if you would like to try designing a poster. Also, you can get inspirations from the existing poster, which kinda gives the idea of what I would like but couldn't make it because i'm horrible with photoshopping and editing! Thank you!



By BelleAri Requested on
Characters Oh Sehun, Lee Miyoung (OC)

I need someone to make a graphic for this story. Please message me if interested. Thanks! :)


The Evil Twin

By sakisakura Requested on
Characters You/OC Kwon Jiyong Kwon Jinyoung(his twin) Xin TOP Dara Kiko

The Last Romeo

By saranghaebeast Requested on
Characters Sora | Hoya | WooHyun | L | SeungHo | JunHyung | Kate

I Hate U ...but I Love U...

By zunchueain Requested on
Characters Jackson, Young Ji , Hyuk , Got 7 members ..& if I need to add another character, I will ..:)

Hello Friends!! I would Like to request to make Cover image for my fanfic ,Plz. I need Jackson (his usual type) , hyuk ( cool boy type, kind) young ji ( sad face ). Plz help me. Title is I hate u but I love u. Thanks!!


The Crying Game

By lady_rivendell Requested on

I'm really bad at creating book covers, so if anyone would be willing to do that for me that would be amazing :) Reviews are also greatly appreciated~


Hatred & Love

By pabotoki Requested on
Characters daehyun ,hana(oc),himchan,yongjae,zelo,yongguk, kai, exo

request for .... graphics?


Accidentally Got Married With You

By ChAnRiS Requested on
Characters dara park of 2ne1 and g-dragon (kwon jiyong) of bigbang
Status Completed

Sea of Love

By Spicenee Requested on
Characters BangHim, Yongguk, Himchan

I'm looking for a poster to use as my main image for my BangHim merman fic. Please PM me if you are interested.


The Runaway Boys.

By zanfii Requested on
Characters Jung Daehyun || Yoo Youngjae
Status Completed

Hey :) Id like a poster for this story that's featuring Daehyun and Youngjae from BAP and rain (?) Something like the cover I have chosen for this, with a movie-poster like image-ish thing?? Thanks if you're considering :) The two boys run away from an orphanage and mange their life in the streets so; that kind of atmosphere. Other than that; it's up to you


A Series of Song Ji Hyo One Shots

By AshleyDaUnicorn Requested on
Characters Song Ji Hyo

Annyeonghaseyo, Ashley-imnida. I am looking for someone who is experienced in graphics. I need a cover of Song Ji Hyo. The title of this fanfic is "A Series of Song Ji Hyo One Shots." Kamsahamnida! :p