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Park Jimin MEET Park Jimin...

They say that the third time is the charm... What happens when BTS's Park Jimin meets 15&'s Park Jimin for the thrd time and finds out that she is his...


Bykaihunnie-ssi requested on
CharactersSehun, Sohee (OC), Yunhee (OC), Kai, Exo

I need a poster for the fanfic. Is anyone able to make one for me?? :D If yes either comment on my profile or here's my email: [email protected] THANKKKKYOUUUUU~


Butterfly Boy

Byresurgence requested on
CharactersKim Junmyeon, Zhang Yixing

Hey, I'd love a graphic to use for this story. Preferably something that quite fits it? I'd definitely credit you. I'd appreciate it if you'd read the fic and try to get the feeling of it before you make the graphic, but beggars can't be choosers. My story's a SuLay (Suho x Lay) romance. Thank you in advance! ♥


My Scary Wife (School Ghost Sequel)

ByMumuii requested on

i don't have a cover story for this fic, so i need someone help. Jebaaaal >


Nothing But a Game

ByCeleste_Sirius requested on

Hi! I would be grateful if someone made a poster for this story. Something that features the two main characters (Tiffany & Nichkhun) and its secondary characters (Jessica and Yonghwa). I'm also imagining something dramatic with a cool color scheme (i.e blue, green, & purple). Thanks!


I Love U Jerk

ByHanaHara requested on
CharactersByun Hana Oh Sehun Byun Baekhyun Kim Jong In Kim Joon Myun D.O Kyungsoo Park Chanyeol

hi!new author here i need graphic for my fanfic called I Love U Jerk a story between Kara Hara and exo sehun pls help me !!! aneyong^^



Bywhaleyouwait requested on
CharactersXiuMin, Jong Dae, Yi Xing, Chan Yeol, Baek Hyun, Jong In, Kyung Soo,

Hi! im looking for a reviewer and im really open to all critiques. Also, chibi xiuchen poster anyone? :D


The Warrior

ByPixie-Tink requested on
CharactersKris & OC

You guys are free to create any kinds of graphic for The Warrior if you wish :)



Bylove_personified requested on
Charactersbangyongguk, oc

I Will Punch You.

ByJongitup requested on
CharactersHongbin, Hyuk, Vixx

Please create a funny cute and suitable hyukbin poster and have a quote "ft. The Incredable Hyulk!"


How to destroy the world in a second (dafuq)

Bybaekbaekbaekbaekbaek requested on

The Proposal

ByLadyMelody requested on
CharactersJiyoung Yunho KARA TVXQ

Anyone wants to help me with the poster for this story? Please do send your portfolio to me, so that I could see your poster examples. I will give the details later when I already make up my mind. Hehe, anyway thank you for the help!


The Better Me

Bychiisanae requested on
CharactersJung Jinyoung, Lu Han, Oh Sehun, EXO, B1A4, Kang Yiseul (OC), Nam Hyebin (OC), Oh Seyeon (OC)

Dear graphic artists. So I made my own poster for this fanfic, but I am desperate need of a better poster. Please help me out of you think you can. I really don't have any particular wishes for what it should look like, so it's all up to your creativity. Thanks in advance!


Holding onto her

Byhere42 requested on
Characterssiwon sooyoung supergeneration seohyun tifanny kyuhyun seunghyun

Is there anyone out there who'd want to spear somtime into the graphic of my very first fanfics?


Let Me Love You Wallflower

ByRockyBlue requested on
CharactersMain!BaekYeol, other parings to be revealed in the story

I just want banners tbh, or anything, maybe something incorporated with the quotes at the beginning of the chapters. I really don't know, anything is okay with me to be honest, as for review-wise, i just want someone to be honest with me about how this story is going.


Hunter x Hunter: The Yorknew City VS New York City

Bynurunhumairah requested on
CharactersSuh Joon Young, Gon, Miura Haruma, Kurapika, Takeru Satoh, Killua, Takiguchi Yukihiro, Leorio, Nam Taehyun, Hisoka, Phantom Troupe, Mafia, Mai.

Hi. I just published a new story. I'm a new member here. Been here for 4 days already and have a story with 1 chapter came up. I need to know if my story is interesting and how I should improve my writing because this is my first time ever to write a story and published. I used to write in Wattpad but I never finished it and ended up deleting them. So, I wanted to know if my writing style is okay or the plot is okay. Is the first chapter good enough? I wanted to know how people sees my story. Thank you in advance for helping :D Also, I needed a book cover for my story. I tried making one but it looked so ugly D: I'm a decent photoshop user but I never make a book cover before. And I'm new so I can't pay you with points but if you gladly message me to apply, I'll give you the info needed on the cover and show me once you're done. If I like yours, I'll credit your username in my story and tell the world (Probably just the AFF) how awesome you are :D Request by nurunhumairah/ Keitaro Mai