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Requests for Graphics


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Black Rose: Phantom Thief

SHINee's Lee Taemin x OC fic

An Ordinary Coincidence, Not!

By Starring670 requested on
Characters Seogoong, Topp Dogg, (OC) Nei.

Hi I just want a simple yet eye catching book cover/poster. I will give credits to whoever is willing and kindfull to answer to my request.


The Agony of The Past

By scarletjustine requested on
Characters OCAliceCross, JungkookJeon,SeokjinKim, JiminPark, TaehyungKim, Rest of BTS

Can you guys help me?


PRISTINE ❄ SOUNDS (new collab group + open auditions + hiring)

By pristineprod requested on

PRISTINE ❄ SOUNDS is looking for a regular graphic designer who can produce minimalist yet eye-catching album artworks for our covers. For more information on the task description, respond to this post and let's discuss things further in the inbox. Thanks in advance!


Just A Game

By shhinee requested on
Characters Tiffany you snsd fx SMartists YGartists

Hey guys! I was hoping if anyone could make me a cover photo or wallpaper for my story. That would mean a lot if you could. Thanks! ^^


Reunited with the Galaxy

By LucilleBrowne requested on
Status Completed

A time spent with the three brothers who have left Exo, Tao, Kris, and Lu Han. Wu Yifan reunites with Tao and they become like brothers again. All is forgiven. This story hopefully helps out those who need something because of Tao leaving Exo. I would like to request cover art for this story.


Girl like you (당신 같은 여자 dangsin gateun yeoja)

By kerokeropee123 requested on
Characters Tiffany Hwang ~ Kim Taeyeon

Please help me for the graphics of my story :)


A Fool Of Tears

By Kyuri_Lover requested on
Characters kwonjiyong x oc (lee hyojin)

Hey guys. I just want a graphics for my upcoming fanfic. I need something simple but romantic. If you are interested in, contact me via mp^^


Love you I do

By Himegami requested on
Characters Jung Eunji,Son Naeun,Park Chorong,Yoon Bomi,Oh Hayoung,Kim Namjoo

OneShot's Are My Jam Jam [Hiring!Open!]

By WritingForTheBeauty requested on
Characters Seventeen

Requesting a cover photo!! Will pay 50 Karma points if used.


This Is A Miracle

By ExoXSoneLovers requested on
Characters luhan and yoona

This is a love story between a member of exo and a member of snsd


Runaway Wolves

By ExoKaiSoo requested on
Characters Kai, Aurora (OC), EXO, Other Idols.

It would be a miracle is someone would be able to make me a poster of some sort for this fanfic because I really want this to be the best of my work right now and since my main focus is on this fic I would love it if someone makes a good poster :). I don't mind what you do :) JUST GO CRAZY :D!!


Choosing Stars

By channiepits requested on
Characters Park Chanyeol , OC

i want to make a cover, but i dont have much time ): is there any somebody that wants to help me? voluntarily, please! hehe thanks


The Puppet Master

By NamDiva94 requested on
Characters Bigbang TOP Choi Seunghyun Han Hyun Jae (OC)

To all YGstans out there I'm calling you to check out my new story, This is Bigbang's TOP fanfiction. I'm curious on how to add images in my story because I really don't have any idea on how to make posters for my story as well as chapter's image. I just want to have so that my story will be more fancy and also it could gain a lot of interest and attention to the readers, and also support my first story her in AFF, it's Winner's Nam Taehyun Fanfiction. Thank You! Ygstans from the Philippines let's be friends!


Bangtang Advertisements (OPEN and HIRING!)

By WeAreLikeFireWoRks requested on
Characters Everyone

Hey there!! I just opened up this new shop for ad's, reviews, graphics and trailers. If you are interested and would like to be staff please do apply :)Currently we are only hiring graphic designers and trailer makers. You can click on the shop and fill out the hiring form. Hope to see you there^^