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Sweetheart, It's Our Secret!

CEO Do Kyungsoo measures all human relationships through money, so when he accidentally gets tangled into a scandal with top star Kim Jongin, are his stocks rising or are they actually plummeting? || KaiSoo

The Monster Under My Bed

By exoticmoonlight99 requested on

Hello, Im in need of Graphics for the cover of my story and it will be great if anyone would be interested to help me. The story is about a high school story of Kai X Oc and by the way it will be an angst story so it will be great if the poster isnt fluffy and colourful :D Thanks alot :)



By grandiosegangles requested on
Characters Song Eunkyung (OC) and others

Hello!! I'm writing a Leo, N and OC fanfic and I would really love it if someone could make a poster for it :) Not many specifications..just that it should have Leo, N and an Oc in it, any additional ideas are welcome Also it would be a really great bonus if Leo is shown in a soccer uniform, just saying ^^' Just Pm me for any other queries. I'd be happy to answer them :) Thank you in advance ^^


The Last Descendant of Lee Seunghoon

By kaijintaichou requested on
Characters Kim Jinwoo, Song Minho, Lee Seunghoon

Request for a chapter banner. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH~ ^.^


Prohibited Love

By BoMico requested on
Characters Park Jimin & Park/Yoon Bomi/ You

I'll Give a 100+ Karma points to the person(s) who would help me [YEY] The graphics that i wanted is, Genre/Mood/Theme: Fluff--Angsty--Romance- Quote : "Everything is Possible,as long as you fight for it" Color : Light Blue / Pink Chararcter in Poster : Park Jimin (BTS) & Yoon Bomi (Apink) Note : i'd like to have a relaxing looking Poster like, with cherry blossoms (lol) or other things just relaxing HOHOHO XD i need Poster|Background| and Banner Seems weird i know, because i'm weird. Fluffy and angst at the same time o u o; YoLo -- you only love Oppa. XOXO Mimi Thank You


The wolf and the beauty

By awaww123 requested on
Characters jongdae(chen), yixing(lay), baekhyun, chanyeol, kyungsoo(d.o)
Status Completed

A poster of Chen and Chanyeol looking like "beauties" (as in really pretty not in drag or anything) and of Kyungsoo and Lay looking like wolves (really intense/hot) please.



Characters EVERYONE

NOW HIRING! I need someone who can make poster/covers. I have a feeling that if we try hard enough we can be top! I realize this a lame plead for help but I need it...desperately. I already have everything set up just need some staff members!


Latching on to the Traitor

By kaijintaichou requested on
Characters Kim Jinwoo, Song Minho

Simple, angst-y chapter banner. Thank you~


Fate's Doing

By IMABANA requested on
Characters Kim Sungkyu (INFINITE),Kim Myungsoo (INFINITE),Park Saera (OC),INFINITE

Coming Out

By awaww123 requested on
Characters jongdae (chen), baekhyun, joonmyun(suho), sehun, chanyeol, kyungsoo, zitao (tao)
Status Completed

A poster of Tao coming out of that closet in the 2014 EXO Happy Camp preview and all the members looking at him please.


Chenlay drabbles

By awaww123 requested on
Characters jongdae (chen), yixing (lay), baekhyun, joonmyun(suho), luhan, minseok (xiumin), sehun, chanyeol, jongin (kai), kyungsoo, zitao (tao), yifan (kris)

Can you please make a poster containing a collage of Chenlay moments?



By YeolKyungPinkfinite requested on
Characters Luhan, OC(Youngri), EXO

Hello! I'm currently looking for someone who could help me make a cover for my story! The display and layout would be up to you to design but the graphics would have to include Luhan and Baek Sumin as the Original Character, Youngri. Do include the title of my fanfic, Epiphany, and my username. I am looking for a cover which is not cutesy but something which is abit melancholic or sad, something gentle. Thank you very much!


The Challenges Of A Manager

By yuliqosim requested on
Characters oh sena and kim taehyung

anyone wants to do graphics for me ? :( pleaseeee


❂ The Forgotten Phoenix: Review + Advertisement Shop ❂

By kreview requested on

Can someone make a banner for my shop please? The only requirements that I ask is to include the name "The Forgotten Phoenix." and phoenix in the background (hence the name the Forgotten "Phoenix" ). Thanks. I'll pay 100 karma points to the banner that I choose to display. Please send me the information to my dm.



By ssrtris requested on
Characters kyungsoo d.oexo d.o hani chanyeol

i really need a poster >//< gomawo . the cast is Do Kyungsoo and the girl is Song Hani ( i imagine if the girl is looked like Ryu Twin that's rite ryu hyoyoung / ryu hwayeong) gomawo



By ssrtris requested on
Characters Oh Sehun Sehun Yoo Hye Seul OC Kim Jongin Kai

need poster and etc . the story is about 2 peson who unconscious making out because they're under the influence of alcohol are shocked if what they were done was recorded by someone and the video become a big issue after published on youtube . so both of them try to find the criminal who did that such things . The situation become more complicated when someone know who they are , hye seul become a target of people they're saying she is cheap , etc . Because the situation make them always together grow of the feeling like or love between them >< the cast are oh sehun and the girl-Hye Seul(OC) i imagine that she is yoon sohee



By Kwoncentrated requested on
Characters Park Chanyeol | Min Seulyoung (OC) | EXO (cameos) | SM TOWN (cameos)

I'm looking for three covers because this story is broken into three parts (called 'acts') and each act has kind of a different theme. Act 1: the theme is mostly fluffy since it deals with happy memories. Act 2: The theme is a little angsty and mostly war-related. Act 3: The theme is mystery and, again, some angst.


Loving my bestfriend Luhan

By Ohmakpop requested on
Characters Lee Jahee, Lu han, Oh Sehun, The rest of EXO

Can someone please me a story cover for my fanfic. My photoshop is not working at the moment


Last Life

By jonglo requested on
Characters Hanbin | OC

Last Life is in need of posters and banners. There is no criteria, so anyone is welcome to try. I value artistic freedom so I don't have much to ask of it. Chapter 1 has details on the request. Use description to help you figure out the general gist of the story. VERY HIGH PAY for everyone who tries this - you can try multiple times and be paid every time!


Tell Me What Is Love

By MiTiYa requested on
Characters Hwang Miyoung | Oh Sehun