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Next Scene (Forever Love)

MoonSun - For the first time in her acting career, Yongsun doesn't know what to do when her co-partner kissed her or the fact that it wasn't even part of the script.


By rawesunny Requested on
Tags  wenrene   seulrene   joygi 
Characters Irene, Wendy, Seulgi, Joy, Yeri

Hi, looking for anyone who would be willing to add a poster for this story. Hopefully one that can include WenRene & JoyGi on it. (In case it's still not obvious, I'm a noob at this so I'll leave this at whoever who has more experience).

Music out Loud

By personwhoonlyreads Requested on
Tags  highschool   music   sliceoflife   originalcharacter   exo 
Characters Exo, Oc

I don't know anything about poster making, and anything would be welcome. Something simple would be great, and I don't even really know what this request things does, or where it goes to. If a person receives this and needs more info, I guess..just contact me?


By minoxjennie Requested on
Characters Kim Hanbin / Jennie Kim

Please make a cover for my story ^^

...Lazy Graphic Shop...

By My_Type Requested on
Tags  bigbang   graphic   exo   shop   design   free   bts 

Hello and Welcome to Lazy Graphic Shop! The charity graphic shop where you can get a cover and/or background for your fanfic. It won't cost you anything so why not give it a try!


By youngnuna Requested on
Tags  highschool   romance   schoollife   exo   kai   originalcharacer 
Characters kai, exo, OC

can you please help me to create the story main cover ? it's- idont know how many- times i requested for graphics.. so i guess i just need too keep my luck on. this story LOVE is about first love that Baek yumi (the main character) really wanted to feel of. she always wished to have her love story and sweet life. it's an high school based story and i want the graphics to be lively like cheerful one ? eventhough yumi character is expressionless one but actually she's really expressive in her mind ! its starred with EXO Kai also ! please help me ! Thank You

My First and Only Love

By EscapeToTheMind Requested on
Tags  angst   romance   kaisoo   sensitivetopic 
Characters Kyungsoo, Kai, Chanyeol, Baekhyun
Status [M]

Hi, I just wanted to make a request to see if anyone would mind making a poster for my newest fic, a oneshot called "My First and Only Love"? I don't want it to be really detailed and have effects or anything like that, but at the same time I don't want it to be too plain. It's up to you on what it should look like but the three things that MUST be included are it must be set outside, it has to have some rain and just show Kyungsoo and Kai's faces, not their bodies, just their faces. Please PM me if you're interested in making a poster for me as well as when the poster is complete.

Til I Die

By AKPhantom Requested on
Tags  angst   romance   immortality   seventeen   idolxoc   seungcheol   seventeenxoc 

Hello there. I'm requesting graphics for my story 'Til I Die'. I'm looking for something that's plain yet aesthetically pleasing. I was thinking along the lines of an hourglass with the silhouette of a man standing on the top side and the silhouette of a woman standing on the bottom. The colour scheme perhaps something quite mild like grey. Thanks for reading this and if anyone can do this, I would really appreciate this. Please get in touch if you're interested.

I Finally Found You

By Migkata Requested on
Tags  jaebum   jihyo   got7   twice   parkjihyo 
Characters Park Jihyo, Jae-bum, Nayeon, Jungyeon, Momo, Twice, Got7
Status Completed

Cover page with Jihyo in the middle of JB and Jinyoung. A pictue of them that looked like in highschool. JB with a rugged look and Jinyoung with a more guy next door look. Thank you.


By Migkata Requested on
Tags  jaebum   jihyo   youngjae   got7   twice   parkjihyo 
Characters Jihyo, OC (Jisoo), Youngjae, Jaebum, Jackson, Nayeon, Jinyoung, TWICE, Got7
Status Completed

A picture of Jihyo with red hair on the side and a picture of Jihyo with a black sophisticated look on the other as a cover.

History Rewritten

By ayane_momo Requested on
Tags  yunjae   db5k   exo12   ricsyung 
Characters yunho

Hello, I'm looking for someone to make my background. Message me, and I'll give you my idea of what I want. Thank YOU So MUCH. ^^

; Of Empty Rivers

By AllRiseGold Requested on
Tags  angst   romance   originalcharacter   jimin   bts   jungkook 
Characters jungkook | oc | jimin | bangtan boys
Status [M]

Could someone suggest a graphic shop for this one tehee

You're A Liar

By dede_luv Requested on
Tags  dark      exo   tao   kris   zombie   taoris 
Characters Taoris and other members of EXO and other groups
Status [M], Completed

I haven't found any time to make the cover for this myself but if anyone is interested-- I'd love to get a couple cover ideas and possibly get one made. That'd be awesome! Thanks!

oh my jongdae!

By redpartycups Requested on
Tags  exo   chen   jongdae   xiuchen   baekchen   laychen   suchen 
Status [M]

I need a poster for OMJ! I want something that's "light" and pink/yellow (You can add other colors) You don't have to do anything flashy but I wouldn't mind. I want Jongdae to be the center if attention! I don't like it when old, old pictures are used (like 2013-2015) This is pretty smth that you do anything but just have those requirements! Thank you.

The Songs of Depression

By mineki_neko19 Requested on
Tags  angst   depression   realisticfiction 
Characters Tam Song, Linh Song (Keepers of the Lost Cities), Min Yoongi

the plot is that the Song twins (Tam and Linh) from a book series call "Keepers of the Lost Cities" trying to help their friend Yoongi out of depression anything would be ok if it relates to the plot in some way

Missing You

By levresque Requested on
Tags  bigbang   choiseunghyun   fxband   top   jungsoojung   topstal 
Characters Jung Soo Jung / Choi Seung Hyun

Can you please make a cover for my story? I need a Krystal and TOP cover. My story is dark and a little sad, so please make it with darker tones. Only the story's name will be enough for me. Thank you ^^

Letting You Go

By hayan_champagne Requested on
Tags  angst   yuri   exo   exok   sehun   sehunxoc 
Characters Oh Sehun, Kwon Hyowon (oc), Kwon Yuri, exo-k
Status Completed

This is a story about Oh sehun breaking up with his girlfriend to marry another girl. I prefer a image of Sehun in a Tuxedo. Thank you.

War Of Danger!

By Yi-DeadlySin_Yee Requested on
Tags  daejae   dokyungsoo   taejin   jinkook   markson   jinmark   markbum 
Characters | Jaebum | Mark | Jackson | Jinyoung | Jungkook | Seokjin | Taehyung | Daehyun | Y.Jae | Jimin | Yugyeom | Suga | Kyungsoo | Bambam | J-Hope | Himchan | Zelo | Yongguk | Jongup | Rap Mon | C.Jae |
Status [M]

I need a creepy graphics for my story..


By mayu98_GRP Requested on
Tags  angst   infinite   mystery   woogyu   detective 
Characters infinite sunggyu woohyun dongwoo hoya sungyeol myungsoo sungjong vixxnhakyeon shineeonewjinkikey dotskimminsuk

I want a graphic for this story and if anyone can, I want it to have Sunggyu, Woohyun and Kim Minseok(DOTS)'s pictures on it.. hehe ^^

My Captor;My Revenge

By dede_luv Requested on
Characters Huang Zitao & Wu Yifan
Status [M]

I'd like a new cover for my story as I threw it together with my limited knowledge and I'd love a couple of new ones to look at and use for my cover in its place! That'd be super awesome thanks! -- I'd like it to follow the theme of my story, if you haven't read it.... Tao is a Prince, Kris is a Rebel and they end up falling for each other but I'd like Tao to be the center of attention (Or maybe Kris and Tao the center of the cover) with members of Exo outlying or perhaps a Kingdom. But yeah...anyway I won't try to smother your creative juices with my ideas. But if you need anything else let me know!

The 7th Demon: Reset

By littlepenguins Requested on
Tags  romance   supernatural   you   exo   exok   baekhyun   darkromance 
Characters Byun Baekhyun (EXO) and Shim Eun Joo

I would like to have a poster where Baekhyun and Eun Joo is there. Thank you so much for anyone who would make a poster for me. Thank you so much! With love, littlepenguins


By Ohhhkenneth Requested on
Characters Mark Tuan, Jackson Wang, Krystal Jung, Lee Gikwang
Status [M], Completed

Requesting a poster made for this story. I have no preferences when it comes to the style, as long as it features three characters, all with brown or dark hair: Mark Tuan, Jackson Wang, and Krystal Jung. Thanks in advance! I'll pay with karma :)


By amethyst04 Requested on
Tags  apply   blockb   idollife   romcom   applyfic   girlgroupapply   sevenseasons 
Characters Blue C & Their love interests + Block B & other idols

Hello! Anybody there who could make a poster and a background for this story? Don't worry, I'll pay kp :) Do message me if you're willing to. Thank you~!

The Wedding Troops

By puffvisionary Requested on
Tags  2min   romance   shinee   onkey   mpreg   jinboon   chatfic 
Characters Lee Jinki, Kim Jonghyun, Kim Kibum, Kim Gwiboon, Choi Minho, Lee Taemin, and more to come.

I would like to request a poster and a character sheet. The price is up to the designer's desire and I am willing to provide the pictures (or picture examples, just to set the general theme) as long as the designer is willing to pay attention to what I want. However, I will not interfere with the designing process and designer's creativity.

Fall For Me Again

By osmnoodles Requested on
Tags  romance   kard   kardjiwoo   kardbm   kardjseph   kardsomin   jiwooxjseph 
Characters Jiwoo, Tae-hyung (j.seph), Woo-jin (BM), Somin

If you have any JiwooxJ.speh stuff, do let me know! ❤

As The Flowers Bloom

By kyuhyun_08 Requested on
Tags  action   drama   schoollife   fluffy   cute   bts 
Characters Ko Eun Mi(OC) / BTS

i want a poster which has fluffy genre in it! hihi