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Mandate of the Goddess

{YIXING/OC} An exiled prince. An orphaned girl. A pirate lord. And 3,000 years of dynastic rule on the line.

SEASON 2: my exo recommendation library

By mejustgotlucky Requested on
Characters OC and EXO

I don't know how this works since it's my first time to request, but I just want a layout for my exo recommendation list + for the chapters (where I can type the titles/other details abt the story/and my own thoughts about it). Something cute, easy to navigate, and if there is such need to edit contents then i'd be able to easily do so. I had been looking for layout shops that are open, but most are closed at this time, and I really want one. So if anyone is available?


Thieves not only steal property also Hearts

By dubbbyviki Requested on
Characters Suga
Status Completed

If anyone would be interested I would like to request a cover for my oneshot :3 I pay in kp


3+5=Love In The Weirdest Ways

By LayisLife Requested on
Characters Jihoon, Jisoo, Seungcheol, Hansol, Seungkwan, Mingyu, Wonwoo

I would love a cover for my story, 3+5= Love In The Weirdest Ways. I would request it from a shop I know but their closed for now. Anyone willing to? I can pay karma if you'd like!


No Happy Ending is an EXO angst fanfiction and fanart fest. We're looking for affiliates, partners and sponsors, specifically advertisers and graphic artists. Thank you. PM us. We're harmless.


Accidentally Fell

By goodycupcake Requested on
Characters Mingyu x Wonwoo

A cute one, probably with the main character as well as the side character.



By sicaxoxo Requested on
Characters Song Joong Ki and Song Hyekyo (You) [additional character will be added soon]

Anyone wants to help with my story's poster :P



By cansycane Requested on
Characters Kim Taeyong (OC), EXO, BTS, NCT

Hey! I'm looking for a poster for my story, "Dauntless" as well as someone who can review my story and updates! Thanks!


My BestFriend

By JungFord24 Requested on
Characters suga,jungkook,bts,gfriend

Please give me some wallpaper for bts and gfriend my story is My bestfriend its sugakookie


A One-night stand with Kookie97

By KittyCat96 Requested on
Characters Jungkook, Jiwon (OC), rest of BTS (minor roles)

Hey ! I'm looking for a poster for this story. Something colorful and cool. If you have people to recommand to me, it' be nice. Or if you're interested, feel free to contact me !!


Universes Unknown

By hufflepuffqueen Requested on
Characters Kim Junmyeon, Zhang Yixing, Wu Yifan, Park Chanyeol, Xi Luhan, Oh Sehun, Byun Baekhyun, Do Kyungsoo, Kim Jongin, Kim Minseok, Kim Jongdae, Huang Zitao

Hello! I was wondering if anyone would be willing to make a poster design for "Universes Unknown". It would be greatly appreciated :D In return, I can help you out with things like editing and such. Just let me know if you are interested.


Tough Love

By ninja_bear Requested on
Characters V, Irene, Seulgi, Kai, Krystal, others

Hello :). I'm looking for someone who can make me a banner for my story. It is a Vrene fanfic (V from BTS and Irene from Red Velvet). I was hoping maybe you could pick a cold looking picture of Irene, and a smiley picture of V, and maybe put a happy and dark feel to it (if that isn't too hard). Also feel free to put some of your own ideas and inspirations into the banner as well! Thank you!


The Feelings I Never Realized

By gaxagyu Requested on
Characters Seventeen ( Hoshi, WonWoo, , Woozi, S.coups, JeongHan, Joshua, Jun, , DK, Mingyu, The8, SeungKwan, Vernon, Dino) Monsta X

I need a story poster :D I want it to be dreamy like. The characters may look tough in the pic but i still want a dreamy poster something like a purplish light blue colored poster with faded pictures or something. The story is about a girl who is caught up in a love square where 3 seventeen members and Monsta X's Kihyun fall for her. The story unfolds and shows who she will end up with. Do whatever you want to make it but just make it pretty :D O/c- Hoshi Wonwoo Woozi Kihyun


Just Right

By zackychan21 Requested on
Characters Park bom Jackson wang 2ne1 got7

I'm hoping that someone can lend me a hand for my cover. I would like to have Park Bom photo from one of her Allure photoshot and Jackson Wang with his upright blonde hair. I am no better when coming to stuff like this. Thank you for your hard work. ^^


Lovers by day, Killers by night (REWRITING)

By ExoBabyAngel Requested on
Characters Jeon Jungkook and OC

Hello beautiful person! I'm rewriting this my fanfic which is Jungkook and OC based and its basically a angst story about a secret OC learns about Jungkook (he's part of the mafia...sowwy to spoil) and she's an assassin who was trained to kill mafia members...plot twist....he's a boyfriend.....whaaaa. ANYWHO my poster is poop and I would love to have a better looking one but I'm not skilled enough to make one myself hehehe. If you're able to create one for me, I will love you to the moon and back! I'll make sure to give credit too, no worries ;) And if you need a better summary of my story, don't be afraid to message me or comment on my wall or stories! Thank youuuuuu~