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Think Outside The Dome

In a dystopian world where Oh Sehun believes nothing to exist outside his dome-covered city, banishment is certain death. However, when promised a radioactive wasteland of mutants and sudden death Sehun is relieved to find there is more to the Earth than

7 Chances

By ajjmal Requested on
Characters kai x Ji Yonhee(OC) x Luhan, Minseok,Sehun,EXO, Tiffany

I don't know what am I doing though since im really new in posting story, so I wish someone out there could help me! Anyway thank you so much! :D


All coincidences seemed planned

By dubbbyviki Requested on
Characters Park Jimin

Hey guys I just started this fanfic and I put the cover together somehow too fast and Idk how and why but I am lazy to make a new one if anyone is willing to save me (pun intended) that would be good! Also looking for someone with good grammar possibly a native speaker who'd fix my errors and just check if everything I write makes sense in this story. :3 Huge thanks :)


Snowhite and the 11 Dwarves (Exo Fanfic)

By dubbbyviki Requested on
Characters exo

I am looking for someone to make me a new cover as I lost the old one and even if I try to download it, it's in terrible quality. I would also like to request someone to review these stories or to push me to continue in writing them as I am a lazy sloth thanks :3


A Romance Unholy

By Mightiest-Squirrel Requested on
Characters Yoo Youngjae, Kim Himchan, Jung Daehyun, Bang Yongguk, Choi Junhong, Moon Jongup, Jung Hana, Song Jieun, Han Sunhwa, Jun Hyoseong,

I would love to see how creative people could get, I myself am not really good with graphics so if you have any time or ideas, I would love some~~ Thanks ♥️♥️♥️


The past, The now, The future

By kellyf Requested on
Characters Gdragon sohee

Please make me a title picture.


Beautiful Angel

By TetsuyaRyin Requested on
Tags exo sehun
Characters EXO, Sehun, You, Luhan

I am new in asianfanfic so I don't really know how to upload the cover for a story. I hope by requesting graphics, I would get help? Thank you very much!


Checkmate *under reconstruction*

By Biscotti007 Requested on
Characters Jeon Jungkook, Choi Areum (OC)

Hello everyone! I am looking for anyone who would be kind enough to make a cover for my fanfic Checkmate as I am horrid at doing such things. It is a BTS Fanfic that is based on a secret spy organization. A team of unlikely agents are brought together through the work of a psychopath who appears to be playing chess with them as he or she assigns all of them cryptic, chess-related roles. The "Gamemaker" appears to know everything about the agents and forces them to complete strange tasks that cause them to question everything they've ever known. There are multiple main characters, but the most important are the team (aka the "Elite Unit") of spies. These people include Jungkook, Areum (who looks like a younger version of IU with short hair and is Jungkook's love interest), Masako (a doll faced, pretty, natural yet harsh Japanese girl), Dae Hyun (not the member of BAP, but a tall, handsome, mysterious boy with dark brown hair), Sang Min (an energetic and comical boy with pastel pink hair), and Young Jae (the the cute, shy technician with thick glasses). If it is of any importance, the partnerships (not romance wise but agent wise) are Jungkook (King) - Areum (Queen), Masako - Young Jae (Rooks), and Sang Min - Dae Hyun (Bishops). If you need any more information I am more than happy to comply! Thank you so much!!



By JulMabang Requested on
Characters | Kim Jongin | Do Kyungsoo |
Status Completed



Sleeping Beauty is a Journalist

By MargarethRomanoff Requested on
Characters Ok Taecyeon, Ailee Lee
Status Completed

Badly need an awesome story cover just like shown in my two previous stories "Cinderella Gone Wrong" and "Snow White and the Hunter Prince." Shoot me a message if you are interested. Thank you in advance!