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Puppy Love (It's real love) || taekook ||

"Please marry me!" Taehyung declares to the boy who he barely knows. Jungkook isn't a person that is thinking of settling down so early, but the cute dog lover boy didn't sound like a bad idea when he's in search for a make-do partner himself.


By ReadingIsFree Requested on
Tags  exo   exok   exom   collegelife   chanbaek   mafiaau 
Characters Chanyeol, Baekhyun
Status [M], Completed

A poster maybe? I dont know...something not too colorful but not too dull either I really dont have anything in mind, but if u have read the story or carefully read the tags, and you want to make a poster, let me knoww 3 Thank you!

Heart Transplant

By littlecrush Requested on
Tags  angst   oneshot   sliceoflife   kai   jongin   kaixoc   jonginxoc 
Characters Kim Jongin, Im Kiran (OC), Park Eun (OC)

I need a poster for this one-shot. Please contact me for further details or surprise me if you come up with something :)

The Secrets Of Oh Sehun

By KimJKai19 Requested on
Tags  sekai 
Characters Exo Ot12

In need of poster. Using mainly rainbow haired Sehun and blonde Kai, if you wanted to ad a picture of Exo ot12 it's up to you. Quotes i'd like in: "I've finally come back to keep our promise but you don't remember anything." I'll leave the colours up to you. Its 2:41am, and i'm requesting graphics... I could care less at this pont thanks if you take this up. Also if you want to be paid in karma points am will to discuss this with you

Beginning & Infinity

By exhoetic Requested on
Tags  angst   exo   luhan   sehun   hunhan   selu 
Characters Oh Sehun, Luhan, some exo members.

The background would be the ocean/sea with Sehun and Luhan's pics. Not "together pics". I would like it to be kind of angsty but i want the background color to be light. If that is possible, thank you so much.. ♡ + title /grins/

Our Undying Love

By YoloItsUrWife Requested on
Characters Jimin, Junggook
Status [M]

I need a cover page for my fanfic. It has to be about Junggook and Jimin from BTS. Please let me know if we can work on it together. >. Looking forward to it!

NoJam Crack (TagLish)

By ZekkenKryberLiu Requested on
Tags  comedy   fxband   kpop   kryber   snsd   taeny   tagalog   yulsic   exo   crack   bts   2yeon   redvelvet   mamamoo   wenrene   gfriend   twice   satzu   michaeng   ji2yeon   dubchaeng   dahmo   jitzu   saida   blackpink   jline   dachaetzu 
Characters Twice, SNSD, BlackPink, BTS, GFriend

i want a very simple cover, both main cover and background cover. Any picture's background contents as long as the main image shows the title. maybe a bunch of derpy, ridiculous, savage, and funny face images of kpop idols is fine. (bts, twice, exid, gfriend, twice, snsd, fx, exo, blackpink, redvelvet) , this description is for both of my request. thank you. to any that will concern and notice. if someone respond, i'll explain further for any to understand. thats all. thank you so much.

Jimin Is The New Black

By PsychoSass Requested on
Characters Bangtan Sonyeondan + Like Literally Everybody
Status [M]

Looking for anyone that can make some random fanart for this fix since I can't draw for . I always love seeing the fanart other fics have and I would just love to see what the readers could produce. It can be of anything. It could be of Jimin, Taehyung or any other characters or couple art for the many couples in the fic. Please remember to include the orange jumpsuit in it as that's what all the characters wear. Thank you all!!! 3 ^_^

When Lust Takes Over

By pretty-in-key Requested on
Characters kris, kai, jongin, wufan, OCYejin, OCJinah
Status [M]

Good morning, I used to have a cover for this story and I'm not sure what happened to it. I need a cover that has Kris, Kai, Nana from after school and a very beautiful ulzzang. I want the cover to have a little bit of darknessto it. Thank you Vanessa


By Nia Requested on
Tags  angst   betrayal   fanfic   shortstory   nonau   jungkook   taehyung   taekook   vkook   kookv 
Characters jeon jungkook|kim taehyung, jeon jungkook, kim taehyung, min yoongi, park jimin, kim namjoon, kim seokjin
Status Completed

It's a vkook/taekook story with angst. So a little dark kinda cover.

Interesting Twist In My Life(GOT7 /MARK YIEN TUAN FANFICTION)

By subhasagi Requested on
Characters GOT7 members as them.Amelia as lead female role. MinJi as choi youngjae's sister. Mr.Lee as coffee shop orner. Sara as Mr.Lee's daughter.Doctor KANG DONG JO as Amelia's dad.

I need a wonderful cover for my story with some graphic effects. I hope someone make a good cover.....

The Playlist.

By Shinenteen Requested on
Tags  fluff      slightangst   canon   seventeen   jicheol   coupzi 
Characters Choi Seungcheol Lee Jihoon Yoon Jeonghan Hong Jisoo Kwon Soonyoung Jeon Wonwoo Wen Junhui Xu Minghao Kim Mingyu Lee Seokmin Boo Seungkwan Chwe Hansol Vernon Lee Chan

How can i add a cover?


By FlamingKookie Requested on
Tags  chen   lay   yixing   jongdae   chenlay   xingdae 
Characters Yixing, Jongdae
Status [M]

If anyone would be willing to make a cover art for this story I would greatly appreciate it.

The Real Me

By UnknownFanTT Requested on
Characters Seo Jung Hoo Chae Young Shin Healer Kim Je Ha K2 Anna No Ji Wook Eun Bong Hee

Need better cover (≧∇≦)

all through the night

By natiiichan Requested on
Tags  fluff   mystery   romance   vampire   vampireau   nayoung   pinky   ioi   napink   imnayoung   jieqiong   pristin   nayoungxjieqiong 
Characters Kyulkyung, Nayoung, other idols
Status Completed

anyone willing to make a cover for this fic?

BTS Kink Fest

By Tetsu_Jin Requested on
Characters Namjoon, J-Hope, Suga, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, V, OC(You)
Status [M]

I feel kind of awkward using a generic group picture, so I'd love a dark and really y collage of sorts. Or at least with a darker colour scheme. I'd also really love it if the poster could include all members of BTS :D

Of Blossoms and Rain

By BummieBaozi Requested on
Tags  angst   boyxboy   jihoon   sliceoflife   fanfiction   parkjihoon   laiguanlin   guanlin   panwink   wannaone 
Characters Park Jihoon, Lai Guanlin, Wannaone

Hello, I am in need of kind people who can make my cover, I just need a PanWink photo, cherries and rain. Thank youuu~~

Regret | Book 2

By Adorkable757 Requested on
Tags  angst   fantasy   reverseharem   exo   ot12   romancefluff   postapocalypticau 
Characters EXO, OC/you, SHINee, others
Status [M]

Im looking for a poster to my story. Its the sequel to one of my others and i really just want something dark and post-apocolyptic for exo to go with the mood.

The Prince Duty

By Kyou67 Requested on
Tags  yunjae   mpreg   omegaverse 
Characters Jung Yunho Kim Jaejoong & others

Hi, I'm looking for someone/anyone are kindly to help me to make a poster for this story. Please.... ( ≧Д≦)


By Peporo Requested on
Tags  eunhae   eunhyuk   romance   superjunior   supernatural 
Characters Donghae, Eunhyuk, Super Junior
Status [M]

I'd like a poster for my story.

Half Moon

By ThatGirl_Hearts Requested on
Tags  angst   crime   vixxn   chahakyeon 
Characters OC, Cha Hakyeon, Minor Characters

Hi I'd like a cover for my fic, centred around the night and the moon. preferably blue toned you can read the first chapter to get a gist of it :)

Hello! We Are Opened For Business Come Check Us Out :D

I'm EXO's... MANAGER!!!

By phamnguyenhoangphung Requested on
Tags  kaistal   sestal   baekstal   chanstal   sustal   laystal   exostal 
Characters Krystal (f(x)), Lay, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Chen, Suho, D.O., Xiumin, Sehun, Luhan, Kris, Kai, Tao

I would be so happy if anyone can make a poster for my story. I hope it would at least feature the story title, 12 EXO members and Krystal Jung, and of course I would appreciate it even more if it looks decent (haha).


By fwamber Requested on
Tags  action   romance   baekhyun   baekhyunxoc   gangau 
Characters Baekhyun / Seo Jiyeon (oc)

Hi I need help with a cover image for my new story im writing called "MOONSHINE" Its about baekhyun and a girl who is trying to take down her dads enemy which killed her mom but anyways please help me thank you and good luck

We Got Married?!!!!!!!!

By harooji Requested on
Tags  seulgi   chanwoo   redvelvet   ikon   ikonredvelvet 
Characters Jung Chanwoo, Kang Seulgi, Red Velvet and iKON Members

Hiii. If you're interested in this ship. HELPPPP ME JUSEYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 3

Who's That?

By ltmyjhjshcsy Requested on
Characters Mark Tuan, Kim Mireu (OC), Jackson Wang
Status Completed

a light themed poster for my story.. it's basically about a trip to HK :)