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Living Lies (A Kindaichi Hajime X Aoyama Sho Crossover)

When Japan IQ 180 Top Detective Kindaichi Hajime meets the runaway S.T. Top Profiler Genius Aoyama Sho on his bicycle tour around Japan, their fates together begins with a lie.

XOXO, Jung SooJung

ByMinSooluver1 requested on
CharactersD.O, Krystal, EXO, f(x)

Can someone please make a poster of D.O and Krystal or a poster of EXO and f(x) for my new fic "XOXO Jung SooJung"?


Bliss And Sorrow

ByAutumnLady94 requested on
CharactersOh Se Young (OC), Kai, Se Hun, Lu Han, EXO Members

My story poster!the main characters are OC, Kai and Sehun..i dont want a girl in my poster...just sehun and kai..the poster hopefully to display Bliss and Sorrow perfectly, i dont know how to make a poster..can anyone help me?


Mistaken for a Girl

Byanntran98 requested on
CharactersLuhan, OC

Since I'm starting this story, does anyone want to make me a poster? I will definitely credit. Lu Han and any girl is fine, with black hair preferably not too cutesy. Or PM me for more details.


Who Are You ?

ByKim-Aeri requested on
Charactersgot7 , Roy


Byvioletsilverbear requested on
Characterssuho kris exo

can anybody make a poster for this fic? thanks!~^^


Emotion, Love in Motion.

ByJustBeU requested on
CharactersYou (Ha-neul), Exo members (main ones are Kai, Luhan, and Sehun)

Could someone please make a poster for my fanfic? And also review how you like it so far. Thanks XOXO


心 - 中 / mind - centre; kyumin

BySwordOfDeath requested on
CharactersKyuhyun and Sungmin from Super Junior

♫Love MIX♥

ByAngelsST requested on
CharactersOC, INFINITE Sungyeol, EXO Suho and Luhan, RED VELVET, F(X), and much much more!!!

I would like to have someone creating a poster for ♫Love MIX♥! I would really appreciate it! Thank u :) ♥♥♥♥


Lie to Me

Bykhs_imagines requested on
CharactersKey, SHINee, Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Ha Ni (OC/You)

Hey There ^.^ I'm going to be holding a contest for posters for this fanfic Winners will be posted later But you can test your poster skills



ByAmorphous requested on

Just End Like This?

Byschawany requested on
CharactersLay Oc Suho and the others

∞☾∞ Eternity Posters ∞☽∞ ▌Graphic and Review Shop ▌ CLOSED BUT WORKING {。^◕‿◕^。}

ByCutie_Panda requested on
Charactersyou, me, us, them, and the amazing stories! :D

We are hiring a few reviewers since one of use is going hiatus--we need mostly people who will be able to find the time HELP WANTED! we want to open again but we mostly get review request and most of our reviews right now are hiatus PLEASE HELP


The Lighthouse

Bykelabjaime requested on
CharactersJessica Taeyeon Yuri Sunny Sooyoung Hyoyeon Seohyun YoonA Tiffany

Tricking Death

ByNoReturn requested on
CharactersYou, Kai, Tao, Suho, Kris, Luhan, Sehun, D.O, Lay, Xiumin, Chen, Baekhyun, Chanyeol

In need of a poster/cover art. For this story! Please Help!