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These stories are currently requesting various services from other users. These services include character applications, story graphics, and story reviews. Please consider applying for any of these requests by clicking the "Apply >>" link under the respective story.


Hugs&Kisses; g r a p h i c s || [CLOSED: WILL BE BACK SOON]

Requested by lulu_deer2002 on 7-28-2014
Characters: While closed, we are hiring one more designer! Come and PM lulu_deer2002! :)
Tags: graphics poster open postershop graphicshop


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SeStal's World

Requested by TtausJaurs on 7-28-2014
Characters: Oh Sehun , Jung Soojung
Tags: sestal

I need a simple yet elegant posters :) juseyoo~ ehehe And if your poster isnt selected, i'll keep post it on my description! Thank you~

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Destined Man (Mystery)

Requested by EXO_ChanBaek on 7-28-2014
Characters: All EXO MEMBERS
Tags: paranormal baekhyun horrormystery

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Pick Up Sticks

Requested by smexykpop on 7-28-2014
Characters: Henry Lau, Chaerin Lee
Tags: henry henrylau korean chaerinlee chaerincl chaery

In serious need of a poster for this fic. If anyone is interested then please send me a sample poster :) Thank You!

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The Truth Behind The Lies [M]

Requested by XGazeRockX on 7-27-2014
Characters: Sungjong, Myungsoo (L), Sungkyu, Woohyun, Howon (Hoya), Dongwoo, Sungyeol, Minki (Ren), Minhyun
Tags: infinite myungsoo sungjong ren nuest minhyun

I need a poster for this story. Hmmm... probably a poster that has L and Sungjong in it only? I'm not entirely sure, so I'll leave it up to you. The poster needs to have a dark tone to it, since the story is all about vampires a black magic. Maybe a pentagram image could be included in the background or in Sungjong's left eye.

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Love Compulsory

Requested by hyunmin_007 on 7-27-2014
Characters: Zhang Yixing aka Lay, Shen Minxi
Tags: comedy romance exom zhangyixing layxoc

Uhm, since I've started this story, I need a new poster~ a cute and lovely one! Send me a request if youyou're interested and I'll pm you the information!

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When I met you in the summer

Requested by ShippingCaptain on 7-27-2014
Characters: Sehun, Luhan, Jongin(Minor), Kyungsoo(Minor)
Tags: angst hunhan kaisoo bandau

Sehun had never been fond of partying especially when he'd rather be in the familiar settings of his home. When his best friend, Jongin, drags him off to a week long concert event everything changes.

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Dirty Laundry Boys (OneShot)

Requested by hell666 on 7-27-2014
Characters: Eunhyuk, Donghae and etc
Tags: comedy donghae eunhae eunhyuk romance haehyuk

Helping to run a laundromat is a hectic job for Eunhyuk, at least. Until he comes across a load of laundry that a Brunette stranger drops off which eventually change Eunhyuk and his attitude toward his job. How dirty could the situation get to the extent that Eunhyuk feels tainted? And what's the deal with the Brunette stranger who kept showing up with his unusual loads?

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their deal & our sweet revenge

Requested by petitebluehawk on 7-27-2014
Characters: Son Na Eun, Yoon Bora, Lee Byung Hun (L.joe), Kim Jongin (Kai)
Tags: apink highschool romance sistar teentop exo

Full body pictures if possible. I want Naeun to look innocent while Bora look slightly mean/bossy/queenka look XD. Thank you in advance

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Nil Desperandum

Requested by summer_cookies on 7-26-2014
Characters: chanyeol baekhyun
Tags: drama exo baekhyun chanyeol baekyeol chanbaek

i dont really know how this works, but i just want to try this out. so anyone?

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One And Only Angel [M]

Requested by XiuHanLuHan on 7-26-2014
Characters: Oh Sehun, Sulli, Exo, F(x)
Tags: sulli exo sehun sesul kpop0fanfic horror00exofx fantasy00sehun

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A Little Summer Training

Requested by funsize15 on 7-26-2014
Characters: Sehee, Sehun, Kai, Ailee, Amber, EXO, and Shinee
Tags: amber romance shinee exo kai sehun ailee

This is a romantic comedy and the main characters are Sehee (OC), Kai, and EXO. Thank you

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Grow up !!

Requested by shira88 on 7-24-2014
Characters: Sungmin,kyuhyun,heechul,hangeng,Super junior...
Tags: hanchul kyumin

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Married at First Sight

Requested by guyeoja on 7-24-2014
Tags: amber kryber krystal leeminho

It'd be nice if anyone wants to make a poster for this story~

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What is love ?

Requested by FanyByby on 7-24-2014
Characters: Hyennie , Yuri , Sistars , Donghae , Siwon , Tiffany .....etc
Tags: donghae siwon snsd superjunior ukiss yuri sistarhyorin

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Pay Attention!

Requested by Ridley261 on 7-23-2014
Characters: ravi n hongbin hyuk leo ken
Tags: romance vixx ravi navi hyukbin nnn

Hi~ It'd be awesome if someone could make a poster of Ravi and N for this fanfic!

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Dorm life with a jerk [M]

Requested by Sarahoduntan on 7-23-2014
Characters: luhan, kai, oc, you
Tags: romance you exo luhan

hi if anyone can could you make me a poster with luhan and a girl. bright and sweet please

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You Know My Dad Better than Me [M]

Requested by byeolken on 7-22-2014
Characters: Oh Sehun & Han Yeonhee (OC)
Tags: romance you exo sehun

Hello, i need a new poster and also bacground to my story and also a review. Please help me hehehe Thank you

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Requested by Kwanyanglee_15 on 7-22-2014
Tags: exo

I would like a poster for this story. it would mean a lot if someone could be available. Please let me know if you can do this. Thank you ^-^/

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Remember [Complete]

Requested by aprincess on 7-21-2014
Characters: Kris Wu, You
Tags: fluff romance you exo kris

i need a co author to change my first letter to capital letters for every sentenc and also the grammar and spelling errors! a poster would be nice too :-)

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