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Your spelling is crap.

He had one of those annoyingly perfect mouths that was part pout, part smirk.What was even worse was that his voice was soft and held promise of kind things. Yet the first thing he had said to Jongin was your spelling is crap.  

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The Garden

Okay, so this story was originally written exclusively on LJ but due to interests and poll results I decided to post it here as well. But since the story is already on-going I'm going to put the chapters together here on AFF and then as I add more chapters on LJ, I'll add them here as well. I really appreciate your interest and loving comments! I hope it's easier for you all to follow the story, and if there are still those of you who prefer LJ, this story (among others) can b

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Kyungsoo is like fire; ever flowing energy as the sun both rises and sets, stealing breathes and leaving marks wherever he goes.

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The Ice Prince

It's your first day after a summer break, a few new students have popped up in class, 12 of them. Except, no one seems to think they're new. You swear you've never seen them before, never heard of them before. You talk to your friend about them and she wonders if you've been living under a rock all this time, how can you not know them? She keeps asking. But you know you've never seen them, you wouldn't forget those beautiful faces. So how come everyone else knows them whi

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