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The Girl With No Charm

Last updated on
Characters: EXO Kai & OC
Tags: oneshot exo kai
| Votes: 98 | Views: 3680 | Comments: 61 |

Minhee has everything. Brains, above-average looks, a well-to-do family...you name it, she got it. All that, except someone to love.     Hello babes! I know you guys must be tir... Read More

The Pretty One II

Last updated on
Characters: L.Joe&OC; L&OC; Infinite
Tags: ljoe myungsoo romance slightangst
| Chapters: 26 | Votes: 868 | Comments: 4996 |

When the dull one of two sisters is prettier than she lets on, does that make the pretty sister duller than she seems?           Hello everyone! This is Goddess and I bring to you the sequel to ... Read More

The Other Side of the Mirror

Last updated on
Characters: Sehun & OC + EXO-K
Tags: fantasy romcom exok sehun
| Chapters: 57 | Votes: 1077 | Views: 279880 | Comments: 9208 |

When you look into a mirror, what do you see? What if I told you that there's another world on the other side of the mirror?Hi everyone! This is Goddess and I have a new fic for you :) ... Read More

The Man who never Dies [Complete]

Last updated on
Characters: Daehyun & OC + B.A.P.
Tags: romance bap daehyun
| Chapters: 67 | Votes: 1250 | Views: 341670 | Comments: 11913 |

I love you. I love you so much, and I have loved you for so long. So, so long. And because I love you, I have to stop you from loving me. ... Read More

Life, Rewritten [Complete]

Last updated on
Characters: Kai & OC
Tags: oneshot romance exo kai
| Chapters: 1 | Votes: 484 | Comments: 560 |

The girl you loved hated you. If she got into an accident one day and she forgot you, would you reintroduce yourself as her enemy....or as someone else, entirely?         Hi everyone! :) ... Read More

The Kungfu Queen (Bodyguard Princess II) [Complete]

Last updated on
Characters: Baekhyun & OC, Chanyeol & OC, sides: EXO
Tags: joseon romcom exo exok baekhyun chanyeol
| Chapters: 36 | Votes: 850 | Views: 204340 | Comments: 7470 |

A rough peasant bodyguard becoming a Nation's Queen. What troubles will Byul and Baekhyun face this time?   HELLO EVERYONE! This is Goddess and I bring to you the Sequel to My Bodygu... Read More

The Dull One [Complete]

Last updated on
Characters: Kim Myungsoo (L) & OC + Infinite
Tags: angst infinite myungsoo romance schoollife
| Chapters: 70 | Votes: 2224 | Views: 848000 | Comments: 36028 |

When there are two sisters, one of them is bound to be not as pretty, not as interesting, not as popular, not as attractive....not as everything. When two sisters are put together and you're not the one that shines, what would happen? ... Read More

Robot Boyfriend: Insanity Level 1000 [Complete]

Last updated on
Characters: Luhan & OC + sides: Chen & EXO-M
Tags: romcom exo exom luhan chen
| Chapters: 71 | Votes: 1174 | Views: 353060 | Comments: 17244 |

Luhan is perfect. He's amazingly cute, stunningly handsome, extremely intelligent and just the Mr Nice that every single girl falls in love with. He's just virtually perfect, so perfect, it's like he's not human! But wait.....he isn'... Read More

Mating Seasons: Blood Transformation II [Complete]

Last updated on
Characters: Teen Top + Infinite + OCs
Tags: chunji fantasy infinite teenfinite teentop
| Chapters: 32 | Votes: 274 | Views: 78080 | Comments: 3282 |

The Werewolves have finally chased the Vampires away and all is peaceful at the Werewolf Community. The mating season that had drawn to a close was definitely one of the strangest the people had ever seen. But a new season is advanci... Read More

My Bodyguard Princess [Complete]

Last updated on
Characters: Baekhyun & OC + sides: EXO
Tags: romcom exo exok exom baekhyun chanyeol
| Chapters: 74 | Votes: 1209 | Views: 417190 | Comments: 16399 |

Every member of the royal family needs a bodyguard, and so does the Crown Prince Byun Baekhyun. What happens when this particular female bodyguard that got assigned to protect him wasn't anything he expected?     ... Read More

Goddess's Oneshot CHRISTMAS GIFT [Complete]

Last updated on
Characters: Anyone
Tags: dbsk infinite oneshot request shinee teentop exo
| Chapters: 101 | Votes: 92 | Views: 48130 | Comments: 1270 |

Oneshot requests as a Christmas Gift!     HELLOOOOOO~~~  This is ... Read More

The Dull One side story CHRISTMAS SPECIAL [Complete]

Last updated on
Characters: Woohyun & OC; some Infinite
Tags: christmas multishot romance woohyun
| Chapters: 3 | Votes: 125 | Views: 31750 | Comments: 410 |

Short two/three-shot of Woohyun and Yoomi's love life.     Hello! Goddess here :) ... Read More

Action, Handcuffs...& Love? [Complete]

Last updated on
Characters: Daragon + Big Bang and 2NE1
Tags: 2ne1 bigbang dara daragon gdragon jiyong romcom
| Chapters: 72 | Votes: 388 | Views: 141630 | Comments: 6168 |

Kwon Jiyong is an undercover agent, bent on uncovering the secrets behind a gruesome murder in one of Seoul's largest and most successful companies, YG. What happens when on his job, not only does he find out who the murderer is, but also what true love means to him? ... Read More

Strangest Mating Season of the Century [Complete]

Last updated on
Characters: Chunji & OC + Gongchan & Teen Top
Tags: chunji fantasy gongchan romcom teentop werewolves
| Chapters: 69 | Votes: 361 | Views: 132730 | Comments: 7340 |

It's the mating season and werewolves are ready for the most romantic time of their life. What the werewolves don't expect is how strange this season is going to be. Are you ready for the ride? ... Read More

According to the Future, You're my Soulmate [Complete]

Last updated on
Characters: Taemin & OC + sides: Kai, Sehun, EXO-K & SHINee
Tags: shinee taemin kai sehun himchan bap
| Chapters: 68 | Votes: 185 | Views: 195420 | Comments: 8457 |

Annyeong, I'm Lee Taemin. I can read the future. I've been waiting for you for a long time. Because according to the future... You're my Soulmate... Read More

3 Identities of my Mysterious Wife [Complete]

Last updated on
Characters: L.Joe & OC; sides: Kevin woo, Teen Top
Tags: kevinwoo ljoe romcom teentop byunghun
| Chapters: 70 | Votes: 214 | Views: 125590 | Comments: 6627 |

L.Joe is confused beyond doubt. He isn't a flirt. He doesn't play with hearts. He is one of those rare men left that really believe in love. But what is happening? ... Read More

Junhyung's Model = DEVIL'S SLAVE [Complete]

Last updated on
Characters: Junhyung & OC; sides: Seyong, Beast, MyName
Tags: b2st beast junhyung romcom seyong insoo myname
| Chapters: 70 | Votes: 76 | Views: 76630 | Comments: 3611 |

He was one ot the top notch artists in the whole of South Korea. So you think being his model is such an honourable thing? Heh. Think again. ... Read More

Dear Diary, Woohyun's a Jerk [Complete]

Last updated on
Characters: Woohyun, Onew & OC + sides: Hoya, Infinite, SHINee
Tags: hoya infinite onew romance shinee tragedy woohyun
| Chapters: 68 | Votes: 248 | Views: 173420 | Comments: 9828 |

Nam Woohyun. Namstar. The cute heart-throwing lead singer of Infinite. He's what a lot of girls dream for in a man, but is that really what he is? Because only if you read through a few pages of a certain diary, you'll find that he's... Read More

Nab-Cheating-Girlfriend.com (Sequel to Catch-Unfaithful-Boyfriend.com) [Complete]

Last updated on
Characters: L & OC; sides: B.A.P, Infinite, f(x), Chunji
Tags: fantasy infinite myungsoo romcom zelo bapband bap
| Chapters: 31 | Votes: 81 | Views: 57930 | Comments: 2309 |

She thought he was cheating. He thought she was just extremely paranoid. A C.U.B agent. A suspect. But they fell in love.... Read More

Catch-Unfaithful-Boyfriend.com [Complete]

Last updated on
Characters: Myungsoo & OC; sides: Chunji, Woohyun, Infinite & f(x)
Tags: chunji fantasy infinite myungsoo romcom woohyun
| Chapters: 62 | Votes: 104 | Views: 95800 | Comments: 3333 |

His girlfriend suspects he's an unfaithful boyfriend. And she's here to catch him being unfaithful. What happens, when suspect and seductress falls in love? ... Read More

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