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About Me


 I’m the type of person who enjoys being alone. I want to walk home alone with my music. I like to stay home alone every Friday. I just like to be in a quiet place and give time for myself. But I don’t like being alone for a long period of time. I don’t like being alone long enough for the bad thoughts to take over. I guess what I’m saying is I like being alone, but I hate being lonely. 


Name : Miss_Dazzling

Nicknames : Ahrin @ Alyn

Bias : I'm multifandom.  

Speciality : I don't have any special ability but I love singing and dancing (and sarcasm).







Hey, guys! Welcome to my secret little chamber. Thanks for visiting even though it's pretty lame. I know all of you are searching for good stories but sorry I'm not the one who you guys are looking for. Anyway, you guys can call me Ahrin and fell free to chat with me but do note that my English is not that good. Please bear with it. Also, I welcome any kind of advertisement on my wall but I rarely give any attention to it (sorry but not sorry) but I only set my eyes for EXO (Sehun, Kai, Chanyeol & Suho), Jung Taekwoon, Wonho, originalcharacters and 'you' tagged stories only but sometimes I do enjoy the others. I'm quite a picky reader and I'm certainly not going to read , or genderbender stories because it just don't fit my liking, sorry. And if you guys are curious about the stories that I wrote, please let me remind you that I'm not a good writer and I'm deeply apologize if you guys found my stories quite boring and lame. And last but not least, feel free to be friend with me. Just click the 'add friend' button and I'll accept your request. Love ya'!


Be crazy. Be stupid. Be weird. Be whatever.

Because life is too short to be anything but happy.





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