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[] A n n y e o n g h a s e y o   ^ ^   []

{} Hello! I'm korean_fan101! :D Nice to meet all of you and hopefully we all become friends ^^ If you haven't all noticed, I'm a hard core EXO fan. See pics for proof! 

I hope we can be friends! I'll try to be a good unnie/dongsaeng to you~ ^^

About Me

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{} Ulzzang pics aren't mine! And I am not one, keke~ I just find them cute ^^ Don't you? {}



.:. Some things I love to do... .:.

  • Read Fanfics
  • Write Fanfics (Even if I'm not the best at it ^^)
  • And other things that authors do! Lol XD



[] M y B i a s e s []




G U Y S:


Baekhyun & Sehun ~ EXO K




Luhan ~ EXO M



Jonghyun ~ SHINee



Wooyoung ~ 2PM


L. Joe ~ Teen Top


L ~ Infinite



G I R L S:

IU ~ singer


Tiffany, Jessica, Yoona, Taeyeon, Sunny ~ SNSD



Dara ~ 2NE1


AHHHH! Can't think of anymore.... :( But I will add when I think of some :D But all of the guys are technically all my boyfriends (mentally) and all the girls are my unnies~ ^^