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Personal Message

love and support the beautiful lee sungyeol for all eternity ♥ he is simply amazing.



forever protect our sweet alien TaeTae... his smile is so precious and it should never have to leave his face. i love you Taehyung ♥



About Me


my ultimate bias is kim kibum, aka key.

my other biases are yesung, sungyeol and woohyun.

i also bias ricky, ljoe and jimin.


i only ship couples and my otps are myungyeol, kyusung, woogyu, eunhae, yadong, jongkey, rickjoe, jikook and yoonseok.

(as you can see there are quite a few :P)


kpop is my life and i'll be more than happy to talk to you about it. so feel free to message me :) 


-- ilovesungyeollie