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Personal Message

Having only been an author for 3 years, it’s safe to say that I still have much to learn. I’m open to all ideas and opinions, especially constructive criticism as a way to better myself as an author. Feel free to check out my stories and leave a comment on what you think :)

You can also follow me on twitter for updates on my stories as well as other stuff related to GFriend!

About Me

🖋️ My main/lead characters will always reflect my personality and character

🖋️ I’m much like a method writer, writing first-hand experiences to make all my stories realistic

🖋️ Each confession that you read are words from the bottom of my heart

🖋️ I tend to tap into the hearts of my readers by pouring sincerity into my words so that you too, can be fully immersed into the story

🖋️ I read all the comments left by my readers and I truly appreciate each and every one of them