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which POV should i use?

  • first person (i)
  • second person (you)
  • third person (she/he)

Personal Message

こんにちわ〜おなまえはななです。はじめましてどうぞよろしく!hi! i'm nana and i like spending my freetime eloping from reality with fanfiction, koreaboo stuff, and weab stuff. i hope you enjoy my stories because i spend a lot of time on them (not) haha!

told u i was a weaboo lmaoo

About Me

stories pairings genres status
it's not gay! hunhan () romance, highschoolau!, fluff uncomplete (0)
a kiss for a pass luhanxserin (oc) romance, highschoolau!, teacherxstudentau!, fluff, mature uncomplete (3)
s!x me up ;)

sekai ()

romance, collegeau!, mature uncomplete (0)
illegally attractive hunhan () romance, mature, au!

uncomplete (4)

beautiful imperfections sehunxjisoo (oc) romance, drama, pregnancyau!

uncomplete (0)

young and stupid sehunxsomi (oc) romance, pregnancyau!, highschoolau!, mature

uncomplete (0)

my foxy school nurse

baekhyunxyou (oc)

highschoolau!, romance, humor, mature uncomplete (1)
king of the court

baekhyunxjin (oc)

highschoolau!, romance, humor, sportau! uncomplete (0)
prelude to idiocy baekhyunxharu (oc) romance, humor, showbizau!

uncomplete (0)


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