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's time for this super cheesy but true >:D

Oh yeah..what can I say about you my shinee girl ?
I know you for so long..I think you know everything about me XD 
I'm so glad happy I dont even know im just so ljzhgdftgfzikjl that I know you I mean.. woah the that I already told you and you're still my friend...that's just amazing <3
I'm just so happy really unbelievable happy...
Youre there for me whenever i feel bad and you always make me smile like a dork ( that I actually am XD)
I hope we will be friends forever :3

And I'm still scared to skype with you...and no I wont be talking I'll just cam with you OTL :D
Your Jjong is so in love with you ;D ( still don't think I'm like him XD)


Oh you my cute little baby, I remember the day I met you like it was yesterday and the day you uploaded your first fanfiction.
I'm just so happy you kept writing and everything cause your stories are just too amazing :3
And damn I can't believe you read my stories and just aww you're so loyal, I mean you read them almost a  year :P
And you really make me happy with every comment and meeh~ I'm kinda sad we don't talk as much as before, but I still \\...know... or hope or yeah idk // that you like me like before :3 
I'm just happy to know an amazing person like you
And your cuteness will kill me some day :D
But Idc I would die happily :P
I am so happy, so happy to know you and please never change, youre so perfect your character is one of the best I know :D 
Im smiling constantly while writing this :P 
But you know what ?
No matter how often I already said that....I love you
I love you my cute little piece of sugar <3 :* 
Feel my love baby ! :D


Ohh youuu ~
youuuuuu !
Omo I don't even know what to say, ahh ~
You're so sweet and nice and asdfghjkl adorable seriously.
After I've read the things you wrote about me on your profile, I felt like dying.
It made ( and still makes) me so unbelievable happy that you think that way about me and all I can do is to say the same thing back.
I'm also really happy you discovered me and that you like my fanfics so much.
Your comments make me really happy and they are really just awesome ! 
I love it how you always reply to me when I replied to your comment and how we always end up chatting there ^^
And yes, you are just awesome and someone I really love like the little sister I never had xD
Hahaha are you even younger than me ? 
Well even if not, youre my little sister now XD
Luv you my darling <3
Thank you for everything :3


My sweetheart 
A while ago we started to talk, I remember how I accepted your friend request on faceook like it was yesterday.
And especially how I sat next to my friends like: Oh god yay ~ I have her facebook  ! ^-^
They all looked at me like "._. Well that's nothing new, you talk to so many people and get their facebook. " 
But I just glared back at them knowing that the thing between you and me would be different xDD
god I sound so weird :P
Well but look now ?
It is different...
I mean i'ts true I add a lot of people on facebook, but I almost have no contact to most of them...
But seriously I'm like addicted to you ?
I'm so ing happy we kept talking to each other (even if AFF is a cocklock and I forget to reply very often XD) 
I'm happy we are friends and I never want to loose you ever again, cause you make me happy and bright up my day whenever we talk to each other :3 
You are so ing sweet really I'm sor happy to have you gfzhgkfdzkgzakg !
come in my arms baby ! <3


Hey there...
Your sweet cupcake baby with rainbow icing and sugar coated cherries on top, wants to tell you something ~
You know, I also know you for a long time ( it's not THAT long but long) and we still talk to each other.
You know I'm really proud of myself and really the happiest person on earth that you like me...
Like, a lot of people stopped talking to me all of a sudden, for example if I didn't answer them, they never talked to me ever again, but I'm too scared to make the "first step" and talk to them again.
But you are diferent,
You do send me wallposts even if I didn't reply.
One time, the first time you did it, I was crying tears of joy.
I was so unbelievable happy as you did that, showing me that you really want to talk to me.
That's what makes you so special to me.
I know I'm not perfect and an idiot, a big one, but youre still talking to me, spazzing with me, making me happy.
I'm scared of loosing you, like really scared. 
I often did mistakes and lost friends I really loved.
This is getting way too emotional here...
Well thank you for everything
I hope that can express my feelins for you
sounds weird...
Love you :*


My preciouuuussss !
Yeah sorry I know im weird ._.
Yes, I really don't know you for so long, buuuut youre like one of the (or the) cutest subscriber I ever had ! 
I mean seriously your comments are so sweet and they really make my day.
And now that I had the balls to send you a wallpost ( I talk like a dude wtf XD) I know you even better.
And that definitely wasn't a mistake.
I mean our time difference is a , but hey we still talk to each other :P
Well I'm really happy that we do it, cause I really like you
You're just so awesome and think the same way like me
Could it be even more perfect ? 
I hope our friendship will last for a long time and maybe one day when we both are old, we will still remember each other ?
I mean I remember every single person I talked to, so I think I will keep you in my heart forever :3
You cutie, stay as awesome as you are.
Saranghae ~


You y italian girl with the german name XD 
ghaaah my cute little thing :D talking with you on facebook is ...very weird XD 
sometimes our conversations are words XD But still youre a little funny and cute part of my life :3 
Even if we are not talking that much I hope you still like me like before, cause my love for you will never die ( cheesy attack) 
And how you always force me to update... just I love it, but I'm scared of you ...really scared XD
But hey, I know how you mean it and it makes me happy:D <3

Anaïs my sweet little baby ahahaha :D
I know it took me looooong to do this, don't ask me why it always taked me long to edit my profile :/
But hey I promised you and here I am, being the cheesy bastard as usual xD
So you know, the day I met you the first time I dunno I was like almost dead xD
But happily I was able to talk to you normally...and happily you liked me ( well at least I hope so)
And the second time I met you I was even more excited then the first time ( probably because I had the power to be excited not like the firt time when I was a zombie)
Hahaha and really youre soooo awesome !
Like haha so ing funny and soooo cute ~
Hahaha all these pics I took of you with my iPhone when were eating frozen yoghurt XD
You cutie you :3
Seriously you make me laugh so much and gosh I dunno what to say srsly.
It's just, I could talk about everything...omg I just got so cheesy I had to delete the rest of the sentence again .___. 
Well I hope you know how much I adore you 
and I hope our friendship will last long <3
Thank you for being an awesome friend of mine
I'm glad to have someone like you :3

So my cute little thing ~
Don't know you the longest, but you already won a big place in my heart.
Since that day you sent me a message, I hoped it wouldn't be like almost all the other times I met someone.
And even if we know each other for like... almost 2 weeks ( sorry I forget a lot XD) I KNOW we'll stay in contact :3
I mean what would I do without you, you bright up every single day :D
When I see you answered my messages I'm always spazzing xD
And this Jongkey convo we had wasn't normal... I mean really WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR MINDS ?! XD 
I can't wait to see you even if I have to wait for months, It worth it :3 
*bro fist* :*
Kay little update, you're now one of the most important people to me.
Thank's for being with me for such a long time and stuff :)
Love you :*
Kay another update 
God I could write a whole book about you
Should I ? hmmm XD
No but uhm how am I supposed ton say it...
You know you have one of the biggest places in my heart...
And our friendship just grows stronger and stronger each day
And soon I'll meet you
And then I will probably die in front of your eyes and I sound so ing cheesy, kill me XD
No but really, every single time I talk to you I'm the happiest person on earth.
And the best is when we call each other ~
Hahahahaha I just remember your voice and laugh and ....I have to be quiet that would be too weird now.
But god, I just can't stop saying that I love you so ing much 
IT HUUUURTS ahahaha :P
No but really...
Why is it so hard to say what I want to say...I just don't find the right words...
Ah it seriously... no me gusta
But you might know what I want to say, so ...

I love you muchos ! <3


YOUUUU !! TALOCAAAAAN !! ahahhahahahhaha XD 
dadadaad youuu ~
Oh my god you don't know how much I love you !
I mean you had to handle me for 1 week and that 2 times already :P
I still don't know how you can say you miss me ...I mean would I meet myself I would probably be happy when the second me disappear after 1 hour XDD
And I'll never forget how we watched the SHINee dvd 2 times a day XD 
Omg my spazzing over Onew was just...omg XD 
Kathrin.. I actually have to stop writing ...I mean you know how much I can say about you XD 
Only the trip to the Phantasialand would be over 2 sites long XD
so you know
I love it to be with you
I drive 5 hours through germany just to see you 
and I know ..or hope you 
appreciate it because you know hooow lazy I am XDDD 
omg see this text is TOO long XD 
fml :DDD 
*cough* Peeeewdiepie ! ahahha XD 


GOTTOM !!! Do I actually have to say much ?...youre my god my ing GOD so there is barely anything I can say just I love you...I love your fanfics and gosh you're funny and I know you for sooo long now and I just can't XD 
You know how it feels like to talk to a god ? it feels sooo goooood XDD 
And I hate myself for being a silent ready the most time... because I can't say anything about your story because im just too excited and I'm ing overwhelmed from all your awesomeness OTL
And I don't know if you want comments like:
I think I sound like the biggest idiot on earth..sorry but... you're not just a person to me ahahaha I'll say it again... you're a GOD XD ahahah

The best comes at the end ;D I know you the longest ... you freak ! I LOVE YOU
My little Elly I remember the day I met you on the B2ST concert <3
Omg I was so shocked that you're actually soo short ...or maybe I am just too tall XD 
Hahaha your comments are the best, like I said before ...barely a thousand times :D
You're one of the reasons I'm still writing fanfics you just give me the feeling I do something right and I love you for that :D
And just.. you read  every story and you never said anything bad about them and I'm just *cries* This is too much for me XD 
I really need to see you again... and yes I'm just too dumb to drive an hour to you ahaha XD 
Elly... you're probably the cutest and ...omg I dont even know... you're just SO awesome it hurts XD 
Even if there are times you're just mean to me ahahahha I love youuu :D 





I love you all really much and I never want to lose anyone of you, youre like my second family.
I need you in my life.
You are definitely the best friends someone could have....and that someone am I.
I'm very happy about it.

I love you all
Thanks for everything


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Hey there my little pervs ~
Well yeah for the people that don't know me : I'm Denise from Berlin/Germany and I'm 18 years old ~
I'm a huge...and I mean HUGE Shawol and I'm Key, Jonghyun and Onew biased ...Blinger/Locket/MVP's FTW XD (omg I bet I'm the only one out there)
My OTP is JongKey ( DUH! XD ) 
And my favorite
OT3/ is: OnJongKey...because it's just ing hot

Well talk to me I'm very open minded so you can talk with me about the biggest and everything :D
Well I'm an
author here and I really enjoy writing.
I love putting all my
emotions into my stories and it makes me really happy to see how people enjoy reading them.
I love to talk to my subscribers and read their comments :3
That's the biggest reason for me to write and to upload my stories.
If one of my subbies reads this...
Thank you a lot, thank you for supporting me <3 
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