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Personal Message

livejournal / ao3

super junior: veritaphobia, kibum reunites super junior - kinda, the day the sun disappeared, suspicious events

snsd: pink pills

f(x): tba

red velvet: what the people say, megapolis*

exo: the february '12 case, they're sleeping

crossovers: lock your doors at night, i did something terrible

*not finished yet


works in draft: 

helter skelter (f(x)), bells of moscow (red velvet), the colour purple (red velvet), 10 hours in heaven (exo) 

About Me

hi my name is bella :^)

currently i mainly write red velvet and exo fics, but in general i write about suju, snsd, and f(x) too 

ually frustrated bc krystal, xiumin, kyungsoo, chen, irene, sungmin, jessica etc etc etc

i want to play mario kart w yeri and yein and i want them to tell me that i suck at it !!!

first in line to marry krystal