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바람을 감는 구름을 걷는
그 비행은 끝이 났지만
오래된 인연 영원을 믿어
손을 잡은 오직 한 사람


pink pills; jeti; angst/psychological/romance; character death Transfer students are interesting for a few days, maybe a week if they're lucky. But Tiffany manages to blind Jessica and somehow make even the darkest sides of life sound adorable. Krystal is the only one who notices. 

what the people say; wenrene; romance/drama;   Seungwan had never questioned her uality before, it wasn't something that was up for debate; she was as straight as she could possibly be. But things tend to change late at night when you're alone with one of the prettiest girls in the world.

megapolis; joygi; romance/drama; what the people say spin-off Sooyoung tries to keep one half of her identity in the shadows, Seulgi figures out she might have to do the same thing as she's sent on a hunt through Seoul's entire metropolitan area in order to find what she's searching for. 

veritaphobia; kyuwook; romance/slice of life/psychological The truth was too fragile, too vulnerable, Ryeowook was afraid he’d tear it into a million pieces just by thinking of it, which would’ve been easier to accept if Kyuhyun weren't so eager to see it happen.  

kibum reunites with super junior - kinda ; bandfic; crack Kibum kind of misses his Super Junior hyungs and creates an online chat-room in order for them to finally reunite, this is how it goes. 

suspicious events; kyuwook; angst/drama; violence Ryeowook and Kyuhyun have been best friends since they met at a playground in 1994. But suspicious events occur and Kyuhyun lets his curiosity get the best of him. 

the day the sun disappeared; kyuwook; angst/romance; character death An explosion in the subway forces Kyuhyun to prioritise his sorrows. 

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About Me

Эй девушка, красавица! 

hi my name is bella, i love smtown, girl groups, and everything pastel coloured. my biases are krystal, ryeowook, yein, jessica, and baekho. my otp's are kyuwook, jungli, wenrene, yejeong, and jeti. my favourite groups are suju, f(x), lovelyz, red velvet, and trax. 

my favourite genre to write is slice of life because you get to play with both angst, fluff, drama, romance, and at times even horror/gore. i'm not good friends with long stories so most of my fics are oneshots or 5-10 chapters long. the majority of my fics are also pointless oneshots with no general plot but a lot of stupid emotions and bad endings. i write at times too, but only girlxgirl. pretty much all my fics are au's because that's much more fun, isn't it. i have a lot of stuff drafted but idk if i'll ever post it. i like to write original fiction too, but that's mainly just to entertain myself. 

i drink a lot of coffee, i like to listen to 8tracks playlists to discover new cool songs, i'm super deluxe gay, and i love the jung sisters too much for what's healthy. so if you want to befriend a full homo with a great taste in music and drinks you should message me. 

kara is the most aesthetically pleasing girl group out there.