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Personal Message

바람을 감는 구름을 걷는
그 비행은 끝이 났지만
오래된 인연 영원을 믿어
손을 잡은 오직 한 사람

published works: 

pink pills; jeti; angst/psychological/romance; character death Transfer students are interesting for a few days, maybe a week if they're lucky. But Tiffany manages to blind Jessica and somehow make even the darkest sides of life sound adorable. Krystal is the only one who notices. 

About Me

without efford, you cannot even pull a fish out of the pond / без труда не вытащишь и рыбку из пруда 

hi im so far up super junior's asses that i have a hard time caring about anyone else. weak spot for the rest of smtown and nu'est. i ship kyuwook/minwook/kyumin/siwook a lot, and to be honest ryeowook takes up 90% of my daily thoughts.  

"Your lipstick stain spreads, I might misunderstand.
What you got for me? Do you like me? You’re shaking up my heart!"