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Personal Message

바람을 감는 구름을 걷는
그 비행은 끝이 났지만
오래된 인연 영원을 믿어
손을 잡은 오직 한 사람

unpublished works include a kaisoo college!au, a kyumin dystopian!au, something eunhae x sci-fi, and quite a lot snsd/f(x) fics

published works: 
pink pills; jeti; angst/psychological/romance; character death Transfer students are interesting for a few days, maybe a week if they're lucky. But Tiffany manages to blind Jessica and somehow make even the darkest sides of life sound adorable. Krystal is the only one who notices. 

About Me

without efford, you cannot even pull a fish out of the pond / без труда не вытащишь и рыбку из пруда 

favourite non-sm groups/soloists: after school, girl's day, nu'est, kara, sunny hill, brown eyed girls, t-ara, wonder girls, iu, secret
favourite sm groups: snsd, f(x), super junior

favourite non-sm albums: modern times (iu), re:birth (nu'est), (after school), i miss you (girl's day), wonder world (wonder girls), midnight circus (sunny hill), john travolta wannabe (t-ara), black box (brown eyed girls), volume up (4minute), solo collection (kara)
favourite non-snsd/f(x)/super junior sm albums: copy&paste (boa), xoxo (exo), i will (zhang liyin), catch me (dbsk), lucifer (shinee), scorpio (trax), my name (boa), oh my goddess (trax), one more time ok (csjh), rising sun (dbsk) 
favourite snsd albums: girls' generation, girls' generation japan, the boys, girls and peace, twinkle (tts)
favourite f(x) albums: pink tape, red light, nu abo
favourite super junior albums: don't don, bonamana, perfection (sj-m), y free & single, super junior 05, break down (sj-m) 

favourite non-sm songs: when i fall (after school), look at me (girl's day), saying 'i love you' (wonder girls), puppetry (sunny hill), heaven (ailee), wallpaper (iu), kill bill (brown eyed girls), 1st soulmate (f-dolls), miss korea (lee hyori), a (rainbow)
favourite non-snsd/f(x)/super uniorsm songs: one more chance (csjh-dana&sunday), adrenaline (boa), black pearl (exo), obsession (shinee), after (zhang liyin), if you want (j-min), baby don't cry (exo), my everything (csjh), hurricane venus (boa), catch me (dbsk) 
favourite snsd songs: complete, honey - perfect for you, forever, into the new world, not alone, born to be a lady, trick, tears, way to go, karma butterfly
favourite f(x) songs: ending page, beautiful goodbye, paper heart, sorry - dear daddy, airplane, dracula, butterfly, jet, beautiful stranger, toy
favourite super junior songs: destiny (sj-m), love disease, at least i still have you (sj-m), sapphire blue, all my heart, it's you, perfection (sj-m), tuxedo, marry u, she wants it
favourite snsd/super junior ost's: your doll (sunny), rain of blades (kyuhyun), i love you (taeyeon), hope is a dream that doesn't sleep (kyuhyun), to the beautiful you (kyuhyun, tiffany), if (taeyeon), by myself (tiffany), day by day (snsd), oh wa (sungmin), it's okay even if it hurts (seohyun)  

non-sm biases: gyuri (kara), ren (nu'est), e-young (after school), iu, jea (brown eyed girls), hyewon (f-dolls), zinger (secret), janhyung (sunny hill), sohee (wonder girls), yooyoung (hello venus)
non-snsd/f(x)/suju sm biases: zhang liyin, tao (exo), changmin (dbsk), boa, kyungsoo (exo), lina (csjh), goo ara, xiumin (exo), jungmo (trax), key (shinee) 
snsd biases: everyone 
f(x) biases: krystal, sulli
super junior biases: ryeowook, kyuhyun, sungmin, zhou mi, kibum 

non-sm otp's: baekren, minren, luna 
snsd otp's: jeti, sunsica, taengsic, yoonhyun, hyoyul, hyosic, yoonyul 

f(x) otp's: jungli, kryber
super junior otp's: kyuwook, minwook, kyumin, eunhae, henwook, henmin, kyumi, wonkyu, hyukmin
crossover otp's: ryeowook x kyungsoo, changkyu, sullfany, tao x ren
exo otp's: xiuhan, kaisoo, taokris, baekyeol 
boy/girl otp's: henber, seokyu, sunsun, zhoutoria, kaistal, hyohyuk