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Personal Message

바람을 감는 구름을 걷는
그 비행은 끝이 났지만
오래된 인연 영원을 믿어
손을 잡은 오직 한 사람


pink pills; jeti; angst/psychological/romance; character death Transfer students are interesting for a few days, maybe a week if they're lucky. But Tiffany manages to blind Jessica and somehow make even the darkest sides of life sound adorable. Krystal is the only one who notices. 

veritaphobia; kyuwook; romance/slice of life/psychological The truth was too fragile, too vulnerable, Ryeowook was afraid he’d tear it into a million pieces just by thinking of it, which would’ve been easier to accept if Kyuhyun weren't so eager to see it happen.  

kibum reunites with super junior - kinda ; bandfic; crack Kibum kind of misses his Super Junior hyungs and creates an online chat-room in order for them to finally reunite, this is how it goes. 

suspicious events; kyuwook; angst/drama; violence Ryeowook and Kyuhyun have been best friends since they met at a playground in 1994. But suspicious events occur and Kyuhyun lets his curiosity get the best of him.


About Me

girl groups; super junior; smtown; kyuwook/jungli/sunsica/wenrene/homin; every sj ship w siwon in it; 100% european => eurovision 5ever

krystal/ryeowook/jessica/yein - currently in love w red velvet, can't choose a bias

ryeo-line aka ultimate boy squad 4lyfe