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“born from a dream”


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the ғυϲƙ is up with the format ok:

Twitter: Dug_Riru 

Tumblr (SNSD mainly): bubbleriru.

Tumblr (1D & Little Mix mainly): harrehadore.

8tracks: Turtlelicious

Youtube: BiruraxD

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♚ Nice people are the best people 

JeTi is such a beautiful thing I'm going to cry.
I also really like TaengSic but we don't talk about them, because we'll all end up crying you know it.

My name is Birla, I live in Denmark, I'm addicted to mixes on 8tracks, if you don't use 8tracks you're missing out.
My favourite subject is social studies, I love politics and speaking my opinion is very important to me. I want to study political science at uni when I get older. 
Disney movies is the only way up.

"Conceal, don't feel"


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