About Me

Hey Everyone!! Here's a little about ME!!!!

My name is Min and I'm currently 20 years old. I've lived in the US all my life and my dream is to go to Korea and attend live concerts/music programs of my top 10 favorite Kpop groups!!

I'm currently Co-Authoring/Betaing 2 stories:

1. Bring It On

2. As The Years Go By With Kyumin and Eunja

Please support by checking out these stories!!

If you would like me to do either for you please PM me!!

My favortie Kpop groups are as follows and no there is not any particular order except for number 1. All the rest jump around my top 10 list which I will give you now:

1. Super Junior

2. Shinee

3. Exo K and M

4. TVXQ!

5. Infinite

6. My Name

7. B2ST

8. F(x)

9. Wonder Girls

10. 2AM


My OTP(s):

1. EunHae

2. KyuMin

3. YeWook

4. HanChul

5. TaoRis