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"What we do defines who we are."


i am just a simple girl who is always hungry for information. I am turning 18. I don't just settle for "That's okay". If possible, i always do my best in everything. I am still a college student. Studying communication arts and wants to be a creative designer someday. Or anything that deals with designing. currently, i am a writer and a grahic designer here in aff. in real life, i am a dancer. Anyway, i do posters and all photoshop designs. i am also a reviewer. a strict review. lol. i just want to help people make their story better. I am a very friendly person. I got tons of friends. socializing is my thing but I am shy with people older and has higher position than me. the current source of my eargasm is ed sheeran and miley cyrus. i am forever in love with exo. even if we all die, i will still love them. i don't really rant my emotions in public about exo. i spazz with friends. hihi. my role model in life is the queenb, beyonce. she's just awesome. no one could beat her beauty and her talent. i am so emotional in life because at this age, i have so many responsibilities and expectations carrying at my back but whenever i trip, there are always people (three awesome friends) who give me a hand and help me stand back up. i love you, guys! <3

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