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name: jay
birthday: 101396
occupation: student / fangirl
fandom/s: igot7 & multi fandoms

i am a student studying graphics design and multimedia. 18 years old. i dance, i draw, i listen to music, i drink a lot of coffee, i read lot.
A KPOP FAN SINCE 2009. ONCE A SHAWOL, ELF AND EXOTIC. NOW, A HARDCORE GOT7 FAN. amerithaikong biased. junior on the other side is luring me in with his smile and saturi. i stopped being a kpop fan in 2014 because i had a boyfriend and who would have thought that kpop will help me move on with life? when i found jackson and the rest of the gang in january 2015, i was happy. got7 was my sanctuary. they saved me from the fall. i wish i could see them once.
yes, terrbile things happened. but those terrible things, they saved me.