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Hello yeorobun. Do add me okay? ^_^ Who knows we have chemistry to befriend each other. Hahha, nice to know you guys.

About Me

I'm a K-Poppers and J-Rockers. My fav boy groups are SS501, U-KISS, TEEN TOP, BAP, VIXX and CROSS GENE. Lately, I'm into SEVENTEEN and UP10TION, my beloved boy rookies. While my unnies are Soshi, 2NE1, T-ARA, RAINBOW, APink, LABOUM, KARA and NINE MUSES. My lovely girls whom I really adore are GFriend, Lovelyz and OMG. The rests which I don't mention are also attracting my attention. So, basically I'm a multifandom, quite of. ^_^ 

Imma TEEN TOP Chan Hee's loyal wifeu <3 It has been almost 4 years already. 

But BTS Kookie is totally my ideal type. So, literally he's a guy whom I'm crushing on. 

But again UP10TION Wei always steals my attention lately. Ugh, what to do? >_< He has that style ya know. 

Oh yea, but what about SEVENTEEN Wonwoo? He has that bad boy aura, totally my style. Pfft, I'm hopeless. 

Just kill me already for being sassy.