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"i'D rather bend than break," - kim jongin
sarah; fifteen
there's not much to say about myself. The name's Sarah and you can call me Sarah : ) I'm fifteen as of 17th May. I've been on asianfanfics since 2011, which makes it a whooping three years now - I took a super long hiatus, what, a year? but I'm back now.
I'm from Malaysia, so any homies around do say hi!! Hm, I like reading and drawing (even though I'm really crappy at it. it's the thought that counts lol). I like photography and good music. And the smell of something baking, especially famous amous cookies. They smell heavenly. 
I'll be re-writing some new fics this year (deleted my old ones, soz) so anticipate them! They may not be the best, but I'm trying hard to expand my interests and abilities???? oh, who knows.
how did you get into k-pop?
through a friend, actually. I was waaay into super junior, 2pm and mblaq back then hahaha the glorious days. Then I was in my shinee phase because shinee fics were such a hit on aff (we all liked shinee back then, truth,). then I became absorbed with infinite through their variety show, sesame player and currently, I'm in love with exo. fret not, I started liking exo during the release of their teasers back in 2011 (I liked kai since day one ladies). I didn't come after wolf or growl. so yes, we can all be friends \ (•◡•) /
oh and I love kim woobin. but I don't have a cute picture of him :c
other interests than k-pop?
by golly, yes! I have too many interests. I've been an otaku since I was six, and I still am an otaku to this day. I watch lots of tv shows - downtown abbey, sherlock, game of thrones, merlin, atlantis, himym, the carrie diaries, pll and the list goes on literally.
I'm interested in one direction and 5SOS when it comes to boybands other than korean.
I like bands like arctic monkeys (alex is perfection), the smiths, the xx, bastille, the nbhd, coldplay and marina and the diamonds 
jen law and em watson are my role models. I really like the olsen twins, selena gomez and em stone as well :)
and ansel elgort has had my heart since I watched carrie. harry styles? well, he's had me since day one. 
I read lots of books and I watch tons of movies too ☺ 
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