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Name: Jamie/Jieun.

Ethnicity: Half-Korean; Half-Taiwanese

Age: October 17th, 1996 

Zodiac: Rat&Libra


Unnis&Dongsaengs(to be continued);

xitslisax3: Unni, I know I barely met you but I feel like I've known you forever. We share the same views on a lot of things and you were there for me when i needed you. You're so generous and really I hope you go far in life c; I'm glad I met you and happy you made your writing contest or else I never would have talked to you and we never would have met. You are really special to me, really.

--eurynome: Saeng~, you were one of my first friends here ;o and I can't believe we've known each other for two years. We really need to update out stories ;o and if you ever need to talk I'm here ;o. Also thank you for the Birthday graphic xD.

DeenaDolly: OMG, unni--your writing. It is going to kill me one day; thank you for thinking of me when you bought your tablet too~ LOL. I like talking to you about B.A.P and Block B cuhs you're like one of the few people I can spazz with ;o. This place is taken over by EXOtics....xD. Anyways keep writing because you are seriously one of the best ;D

kpoppunks: Let me say this first. You are funnay as HELL. Your crackfics are motherfreaking hilarious I swear especially the fail LMFAO. I also like your coolheaded approach to things ;D and also the fact that we practically share the same birthday <3 Keep being funny, seriously. Don't stop ;o. 

About Me

'Kay so I am a HUGE BABY, BBC and Inspirit srsly. I have no life bc of them.


to be continued