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Hello! Thank you for dropping by my wall.

Please do check out my stories:

Chasing Bees | tzuyu, jeongyeon (twice) • childhood love, romance, light angst • completed

Reflection | oc, namjoon (bts) • seven sins au, dark angst, psychological, mystery • completed

Anti-Hero | jungkook, namjoon, bts • superhero au, fantasy, adventure, friendship • completed

[Hiatus]Zero Kills | ocs, seventeen • folklore, philippine myth au, noir, action, gore • on-going

When It's Not Forgotten | bts • one-shot collection, aus, mystery, fantasy, angst • on-going

Let Me Call You Sweetheart | minghao, soonyoung (seventeen) • dream au • completed

Puny and Mundane | sehun (exo), luhan • angst, psychological • completed


Other fics (Tagalog):

Spark Plug | twice • one-shot songfic collection, femslash, angst, aus, hurt/comfort, slice of life, humor • on-going

Courtship Blues | reader, jungkook (bts) • fluff, romance, university au • completed


Crack fics (Tagalog):

San Ba Ko Nagkulang Sa Aking Sinigang, ft. EXO OT12 • Mamatay Ka Sa Lungkot!, ft. VKook and BTS • Quiapo Hassle, ft. Jungkook and BTS • Silang Mga Pinaglihi Sa Kadiri: A Friendship Story, ft. Suga and BTS •  Baekhyun: Ang Bading Na Palaging Nami-misunderstood, ft. Baekhyun and other EXO members


Also, check out the very first writing collab I have participated in here on AFF, featuring BTS as the Seven Deadly Sins! To celebrate their 4th anniversary, seven authors–including myself–have written stories featuring the boys in an AU where they act as or represent each sin.

Reflection features Namjoon (Rap Monster) as Envy. Check out the main page, provided by my very talented co-organizer, @Kathys, to see the other stories as well!


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