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What is the best ending that you want for my first and foremost fanfic, 'Oppa, I Hate You! [어빠,난 니가 싫어!]'?

  • Happy ending :) - Zelo and Dae-mi will be together forever for sure! >
  • Sad ending :( - They couldn't be together... I think Zelo's too evil towards her
  • Both ^^ - I want to compare sad and happy ending together~
  • Depends on the author perhaps? - I don't know what to choose....T~T

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a star that reaching for the vast blue sky, and shine brightly to out stand all the stars in the universe....

//Umm...what's more? xD

the "me" trivia

I'm a multifandom; and I really listen to most of K-pop songs. Just name the song from whichever artists, no matter whether they are from BIG 3 companies to very small, unknown companies - I still listen to their songs; if only their songs aroused my interest for sure <3

Hmm....talking about biases...the bias list is constantly (and not to mention, rapidly) changing (duh, for seriously =,=) and I afraid that it will change again tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and so on..... (the struggle is real, I'm telling you..)

My top 15 bias list (for now...umm...subject to change? Haha xD)

1. HISTORY's Kim Jaeho
2. Royal Pirates's Moon Kim
3. KNK's Kim Youjin 
4. BTS's Kim Seokjin
5. Monsta X's Lee Minhyuk
6. VIXX's Jung Leo
7. The Legend's Lee Seungtae [Listen] 
8. Cross Gene's Shin Wonho [Shin] 
9. Boys Republic's Choi Sunwoo 
10. MR.MR's Han Jihyun [Tey] 
11. MYNAME's Lee Gunwoo 
12. EXO's Zhang Yixing [Lay] 
13. Infinite's Kim Myungsoo [L] 
14. KNK's Kim Jihun & 15. KNK's Park Seungjun
//I ship this Tom & Jerry couple hahahahaha//

If you ask me who my girl bias list, I'm sorry...its quite hard actually to name a few because I mostly liked them as a whole group hehe :3 But the top 5 girl group in my list are :

(1) Lovelyz - (2) GFriend - (3) Oh My Girl - (4) Fiestar - (5) April

Okay, maybe that's all about the "me" trivia, though hee~ xD Feel free to add me as your friend because I really don't eat humans heh :P

Guess who's the person in the picture~~ hehe //evil laugh//


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