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About Me


the world is black and white. i can see no colour.

(  feeling  ) ;  fine    (  listening  ) ;  would it matter - skillet.     (  craving  ) ;  to reset my life.

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behind the mask.

I have no secrets to tell you. You can call me Nadia. I'm 1, 01' liner and I'm from Malaysia.
As a Sagittarian, my charms are my friendly, care-free and optimistic nature.
I love talking to strangers. Yes, I'm weird. You can complain anyhting to me, even if you're not my friend.
I value relationship as if it's a diamond, and I end up being left alone.
I put everyone first, and myself second so I never got to do what I want to.
If you need a shoulder to cry on, someone to listen to you, you can talk to me. :)

❝ don't want the world to see me,
because i don't think they'd 

▁  ▁  ▁  ▁  ▁  ▁  ▁  ▁  ▁  ▁  ▁  ▁  ▁  ▁  
▬ life ruiners.
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Taeyeon  ┊  EXO┊ Krystal
Although EXO is my ultimatimate bias group and they're how I got into K-Pop, I really love Taeyeon.
I admire her voice really much. EXO. I thank them for my life now. They're very loveable.
As for Krystal, I like her although I like Luna more. I admit that Krystal has this charm 
that makes everyone attracted to her. She's beautiful, smart and talented. 
That's all, I think? I have many more, but these 3 are my favourites ^^

▁  ▁  ▁  ▁  ▁  ▁  ▁  ▁  ▁  ▁  ▁  ▁  ▁  ▁  
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thank you.

`(  name  )   -   `(  name  )   -   `(  name  )   -   `(  name  )   -   `(  name  )   -   `(  name  )


profile credit : harlequin.