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안녕하세요. 제 이름은 이 미 이에요^^

당신에게 :) 반가워요 단순한 나를 Q를 호출합니다. 나는 짐승, BAP 및 Apink 특히 아들 Naeun의 하드 코어 팬이에요! 우리는 친구가 될 수 있는가? 아직 한국어 정말 잘 모르겠어요,이 텍스트 내 쌍둥이 진아에 의해 번역.



Real name: AJ

Stage name: Q

Nicknames: Vampire, Naeun's mirror/Naeun's Junior

Other name: (Korean) Lee Jimi

                   (Chinese) Qian Xi

                   (Japanese) Ai Ayumi

                   (English) Angel

POB: -not identified-

DOB: February 21, 199*

Height: 166-167cm             Weight: 47kg         Blood type: -un identified-


Allergic to: Seafood

Dislikes: Onion, garlic, Bit*h, Copy cat

F. Colour: Black and Red, mostly.

F. No: 1, 2

Ultimate Bias: B2ST, BAP and APINK!

Bias: All KPOP.

Language speak: English, Malay, Korean

Music type: Hip Hop, RNB

Ideal type: Badboy, the one who knows and understand me well.


Quote: "Be yourself and know others. Smile for similarities and respect for differences."


Account to add me:

Whatsapp:-PM me-

Asianfanfics: AceJunior21

Fanficsoverflow: AceJunior21

Twitter: Its_The_Q

Facebook: -PM me-

Google+: Ace Baby

Instagram: @Its_The_Q

Kakotalk: Its_The_Q (if you can't find me. PM me)

About Me

Hi guys~!

I'm a girl.

I'm a big fan of B2ST, BAP and APINK, how about you?

I'm always alone and its hard for me to find KPOPer out there. Most of them are strangers looking at me as a weirdo ^^

Please add me as a friend, I don't bite you unless you say "Please bite me." heheeh joke.

I'm always on whether Whatsapp or Kakaotalk.

Lets be friends. 




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