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About Me

Hey. I go by 'jeff'. Though, I'm not an actual Jeff.

More of a reader than a writer around here. My writing medium shifted to tumblr roleplay but my character is in hibernation at the moment while I'm undergoing training for stuff. I'll get back to it and maybe writing here around May 2016.

I'm into mysteries, philosophy, horrors and dark adventures. The only sci-fi I've read are those of Ray Bradbury. It's actually hard for me to get into other sci-fi works. I don't like reading slice-of-life excessively. They're great once in a while, but too much of it gives me more false hopes than I'd like. Not into romance but fanfics -like mangas-, has been an exception. 


Currently studying and shifting through phases where good internet connections are uncertain. So, my presence here has deteriorated but I still come when I come.

Hope you'll have a nice day! ( *-*)/