Personal Message

Thank you for visiting my about me section of my profile! Please do not advertise if you do not have the following.

Bang Yonguk- Free, G. Dragon-Free, Luhan-Free, Lee Chaerin-free. Park Choa-Free. AND MUST accept and Yuri in your roleplay.
My name is Auri-Velicinty, I'm almost seventeen, and live in Syracuse, New York and am a die hard fan of Bangtan Boys.
If you are looking for a JOB as an admin, or searching FOR an admin.
I have 3 years of expierience and have admined the following roleplays:
Fallen Angels High, Boy's Zone, Epiphany Roleplay, ect.
and am willing to be an Admin only if you ask me IN PM.
I am also currently searching for admins to an rp I would like to start.

My Ultimate bias is Rap Monster.

Thank you, if you are interested in having a job as an admin for my roleplay please PM me.