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I write for my own entertainment as well as yours. I'm literally just a teenager trying to share my love for writing and fanfics tbh, nothing more to say... LOL I'm a huge fan of music ^^  (introducing is not the same as promoting, don't promote your fics to me. If you want me to read your work, send me a message instead of your copy and paste promotion speech)

I might as well add this here, but if you guys wanna follow me on tumblr or instagram go ahead ^^ I leave my profile open (it's probably going to get me killed or some some day but whatever) just don't go and comment odd things on my pictures, my friends don't know I write fanfics xD 

airi_ri (instagram)

k-ajima (twitter) follow me on twitter guys :D



About Me

Airi [18][Pisces]

I'm a er for lyrics and airy music. My name is not pronounced like airy btw aha, people always get it wrong xD

And I'm a huge tease, like if you've ever read my chaptered fics and commented with your frustrations you'll know this LOL