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Personal Message

i am the crown princess 

all hail aubrey ♕ ♚ ♛ 


twitter  tumblr  ask.fm  instagram ♀ 20 Days before Marriage Forever a Fangirl Like a Dream

About Me

happy, happy times. 

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyou know i'm no pinocchio, i never told a liexcxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

aubrey . 연주 . リオ . goddess . hottest . ok taecyeon's wife . 2pm's girl . drama addict .

a u b r e y

a silly&crazy devil living a life of an angel .

married to the real jimseungdol .

wish granted saw 2pm oppas in person .

ships taecgui, taecbin & taecbry .

i'm a rose that's forever in bloom .

don't hate me.