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About Me

✩ Beakies
✩ Wufan is my love
✩ writer, dork & pokemon lover ❤︎

💞 Taekook is real and in love. let them be c:


Welcome to this person profile of yours truly. Here's some important things: 

💛  Taekook is as real as rainbows after a storm. They have such admiration for each other and we all need to respect them and accept them for them. They love each other and I'm satified with that. So come fangirl over Taekookie trash. You know who you are if you already do this with me  ^_^

💚  Wufan is my heart and what keeps me from dying from mundane men around this place. (just kidding)   He's so amazing as an artist and actor. Plus a hot Super Penguin! 

💜  I have been writing stories for a long time. 15 years. Fanfics, novels, musicals and now composing. (WHAAAT) 

❤️  I love my state's football team: The Seattle Seahawks and have a major crush on one of the players. (His name is Jimmy Graham!) 🏈

🧡  I LOVE Star Wars, Star Trek, Deadpool and Daredevil. Hooraay for the geeks! 

MY Stories

Be sure to check out my stories that are either completed or ongoing. Two more chaptered pieces will be debuting in 2018. So keep a look out for them. Also, make sure to check out my Review Shop.