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Current Stories

-Temporary Home-

Characters: SHINee, Mary Chriss Smith (OC), Chosen Contestants


What would you do if Shinee showed up at your house? Would you:

A) Scream in a moment of unabashed fangirl-ness

B) Faint (in a complimentary way)

C) Go catatonic from the shock

D) All of the above, but not necessarily in that order


E) Wonder why the heck Shinee is at YOUR house of all places and then turn and go to the kitchen for a bowl of French Toast Crunch

IF you chose E, then this might just be the story for you! :D (If you chose A-D, it's cool. Read away!) A story about the painfully average life of a painfully average girl and five painfully perfect guys.

OC x ??

Genre: Family, Angst, Romance

-Late Nights and the Following Mornings-

Characters: Kyuhyun, SuJu, and Choi Minhee (MidnightMistress0912's OC)


How long can you run from dragons? Even proverbial ones are quite vicious and deadly, you see. After all, they are born not of fire and brimstone, but of ourselves (Only the saddest and weakest part, of course). Because really, if Life was a map, the entire thing would read: Here be dragons.

For all my fellow insomniacs. :)

Genre: Fluff, Romance, slight Angst

Future Stories

-Slow Burn-

Characters: Choi Minho, Na Ok Cha (OC), the rest of SHINee


Fires take time and a little preparation to start. Sometimes, like matches, they burn bright and strong, but only for a fleeting moment. Other times they burn too hot and end up consuming everything around them in order to feed their hunger, like a forest fire. But if you're lucky, they'll start off slow and burn the entire night through, lighting and warming those around them. Or so Minho is learning.

Genre: Life, Romance, Slight Comedy


Characters: Siwon, Sohn Sang Hee (OC), the rest of SuJu


She has waited patiently for someone to come, to witness her fading humanity and save her.

He has waited for years for the grant for his expedition, to explore the coldest, most unforgiving land on the Earth: the Arctic.

They have waited millennia for a queen and will do anything to make sure that no one will jeapordize their last chance.

All their waiting comes to an end when one fateful storm traps an expedition team without hope for a rescue. Desperate and running out of time and supplies, they accept help from a Nanook. There is one condition however: They must never, under any circumstance, light a lamp after night has fallen.

Based off the Norwegian fairytale, East of the Sun, West of the Moon.

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Mystery

-This I Believe-

Characters: Undecided, most likely SM Ent. groups, chosen applicants, Ahn Ok Yoon (OC)


People come from all walks of life, with all kinds of problems, and all with their own beliefs.

Enter Ahn Ok Yoon, an uninspired high school senior who's looking for something to do with her life.

Desperate and running out of time, she founds the Insipiring Club for the Uninspired (ICU for short), a group of mismatched indiviuals at her school. Join them as they bungle and bump through their senior year, finding mischief, mayhem, and maybe a little inspiration along the way.

Genre: Comedy, Life, Romance, Drama

About Me

Hello, everybody!!! That was too many exclamation points, but frankly, I'm too lazy to change it...

I like drawing and playing instruments and singing. A lot of people think that I'm good, but I don't really see why. They also think I'm pretty and I don't see why they do that either. Ummmmm... I was born in Korea and then adopted by loving parents. I'm currently living in the United States, but I plan to change that once I graduate from college. I'm not very good at updating regularly, just to warn you. I'll my best to update at least once a week, but I can't promise anything. What else to type...?

I write whatever I feel like and it's not always good, I warn you. However, I have fun with it, so que sera, sera. ^_^

Here are people I LURVE with all my heart:

Ethrel: Why, you ask? Because she truly is my bestestest friend on here. She's so sweet and funny and made of pure EPICNESS. She understands my randomness and she rolls with it. I talk to her quite literally everyday, which is more than I talk to my IRL friends. T.T We're totally going to Korea together and stalking pretty much all of SM Ent. It's going down. XD And we're building a time machine, but whatever you do, DON'T TELL THE FEDS! O.o

JDog610: My Favorite Donsaeng in the ENIRE WORLD. She's just a giant ball of fun and everytime I talk to her, I want to glomp her. LOVELOVELOVE this girl! I would totally fly out to wherever she is and hang if she asked. How could you not love her? Gosh.

And that's that. :D

Have a nice day!