About Me


Okay .. Guys let me introduce you to Lee Jinki, a.k.a Onew <3 , my number one ultimate bias in all of K-POP's history 


And this is Ahn Daniel, or Niel, my second other ultimate bias
(he threatens everything OTL)

Conclusion: I am an

Angel / Emotioniel / MVP 

Favourite Bands (where I like all the members):

  1. Teen Top
  2. BEAST
  3. SHINee
  4. SNSD

Other biases:

  1. 100% Seo Minwoo
  2. U-Kiss Dongho, I still like him its just that he's not a U-Kiss member anymore so..
  3. Super Junior Donghae
  4. SNSD Hyoyeon
  5. Beast Kikwang

OTPs (I'm more of a fan but I don't mind het! pairings):

  1. AnyoneXOnew
  2. AnyoneXNiel
  3. BEAST membersXKikwang 

The OTPs that I am mostly fond of:

  1. ChangNiel
  2. Junkwang
  3. NielJoe
  4. Jongyu
  5. Dookwang
  6. Onho

Apparently, JinwooNiel (Jinwoon X Niel) is my guilty pleasure OTP. Like for real, have you seen their interactions??

If you can recommend me any good fics, not from AFF, do message me.
And friend me too !! i'm sure we'll get along just fine :D

p.s. Don't feel insulted but I will never read fics with pairings like e.g. onew x chicken (like for real people, he may love chicken but you have got to stop saying/writing things like this. He's human and he deserves some love). And oh yeah, for pairings, I usually don't like to read mpreg. If I do read it however, it would mean that the plot & the characters of the story are written so well that it overlooks the dislike I have for mpreg. I really hope that I'm not insulting anyone with this.