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About Me


Okay .. Guys let me introduce you to Lee Jinki, a.k.a Onew <3 , my number one ultimate bias in all of K-POP's history 


And this is Ahn Daniel, or Niel, my second other ultimate bias
(he threatens everything OTL)

Conclusion: I am an

Angel / Emotioniel / MVP 

Favourite Bands (where I like all the members):

  1. Teen Top
  2. SNSD
  3. SHINee
  4. 100%
  5. VIXX
  6. Infinite
  7. 2PM

Other biases:

  1. 100% Seo Minwoo
  2. Infinite Sungjong
  3. 2PM Jun K.
  4. VIXX Cha Hakyeon (N)
  5. U-Kiss Dongho
  6. Super Junior Donghae
  7. SNSD Hyoyeon
  8. Beast Kikwang
  9. Big Bang T.O.P

OTPs (I'm more of a fan but I don't mind het! pairings):

  1. AnyoneXOnew
  2. AnyoneXNiel 
  3. AnyoneXSungjong 

The OTPs that I am extremely fond of:

  1. ChangNiel
  2. NielJoe
  3. Jongyu
  4. Onho

Apparently, TaeNiel (Taemin X Niel) is my guilty pleasure OTP.

If you can recommend me any good fics, not from AFF, do message me.
And friend me too !! i'm sure we'll get along just fine :D

p.s. Don't feel insulted but I will never read fics with pairings like e.g. onew x chicken (like for real people, he may love chicken but you have got to stop saying/writing things like this. He's human and he deserves some love). And oh yeah, for pairings, I usually don't like to read mpreg. If I do read it however, it would mean that the plot of the story is so good that it overlooks the dislike I have for mpreg. I really hope that I'm not insulting anyone with this.