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hey guys! i'm tumbleweed, but you can call me tumble, tumbieweed (tum-bee-weed), kathy, thi, lestor croh, or tatertot. lol. i'm 18, currently attending a university in texas, usa, majoring in biology (basic much lol). i collect a lot of notebooks and i love taking notes (weird, i know!). aside from that, i enjoy acrylic painting and watching dramas.


i have two shops: blue cotton (a graphic shop) and excuse me eye smile (a review shop). my review shop will be open most of the time, while the graphic shop is on a hiatus. my arms are physically weak, making designing posters for a long period of time very tiring and straining. until i get enough treatment, i'm taking a break on posters for now. my drama list in the links below only show the dramas i've watched that i remember jotting down (so est 2016?). most of the other dramas i watched are not shown but trust me, there were a whole lot of other ones i've watched. as for my anime list, all the titles are shown. 


my boyfriend may be taehyung from bts, but my husband is definitely hongki from ftisland. and i love all of bts and ftisland. and a whole bunch of other groups but there's actually quite a lot to list.


i'd really appreciate it if you and i talked before sending over a request, because i've had a crisis in the past where life pushed me to the edge and all my friends were dead. had to do a friend purge where i unfriended people who i never talked to. you can friend me and then talk afterwards, too. I'd like that!


i try to be as friendly as possible towards everyone here in the aff community. but in the case that you insult me or try to say that communism is good, you're dead to me.


nice to meet you! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


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