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Okay, so this is my second AFF account.
I'm not much of a good author, My stories are dull and I hope you won't regret reading one.
Writing fanfictions are stress relievers for me. I write because I enjoy doing it and I think that through writing I'll be able to convey much emotion.



A writer who only updates when I feel like it or when I'm inspired.
At times though i won't update because i'm a) lazy, b) procrastinating c) tumblr, drooling over my biases (guilty a lot more than most who know me would think, lol i bet they wouldn't know half the things i've been obsessed's probably better that way :)  d) school work combined with my procrastinating skills




And I'm not abandoning any of my fics, it's just that I need to gather my thoughts for now.


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If you wanna be my friend you have to listen to my bi polar issues.
I hate snobs, school s, b*tches, goody-two-shoes, players, and period. Lmfao.


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✿ let's talk about me ;





name } - pancake doughnut   
{ the holy age } - 13 yrs. of exsistence 
{ the gender } -  guuurrrrrl
{ standing at } - 156 cm   
carry me at } - that would be a secret! humph!








I'm not sure of how people see me, of what they think of me and of what they hear about me, but one thing's for sure-I know who I am. I may not have the best personality, I may not be the prettiest amongst all, I may not be the smartest one in school, but I am myself, different from all of you.

   Myheartisbeating,buttoyouthisisnothing .    



[ s t a t u s ]  :  single crushing waiting  taken married
[ o r i e n t a t i o n ]  :  straight exoualfoodual
[ i d e a l  t y p e ]   i like boys who are taller than me, smells good, has the habit to hold my hand and give great hugs. so, uh. yeah.

My dream is to be with a guy and fall in love with him just like  those in Disney stories. And ride ponies and unicorns above the rainbow O u O;;















yup. that's about it. if you have something bad to say about them, 

You might as well keep your mouth shut. I don't like to argue with people here so please.

I have a knife in my pocket just in case there will be an anti-Block B visiting my profile. oh my, you might think i'm a murderer now. ayy mite?




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Bring my biases out!


I love them because of many things and since I am the lazy person everyone knows, I won't anymore be going off, ranting and writing long long essays why I love these people because that takes time and basically I don't have enough time. No, I'm not dying. I just feel lazy, so I'll do it next time (and that is after a century).




kris; he's    the    epitome   of     perfection ,   baby.



onew; holy   mother    freakin'    mother   .     i    am     in    love     with    this    gentlemen     OuO;;    I    can    be     your    chicken!


taeyeon; she's    the     dorkiest      leader    of    all      OuO;;



luhan; isn't    he    attractive? <3 I    lurve   you!



tiffany; oh,    you.     you're     a    pretty      mushroom!      the   eyesmile    queen   ^u^;;




other cutie pies;