About Me

my name is aibasgirl2013 (theres no reason why you should know my real name), and I live in the us. I am a girl (obviously) but age is not important.

I LOVE MUSIC! I'm the type of person who says 'as long as the music is good and listenable, I don't care where it comes from', and that's true. I don't really like a lot of the American singers out right now (ex. Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Justin Beiber) because of what they talk about or how the song sounds, so alot of times I listen to things overseas because they're real songs. Also, I don't think these people set a very good example or image for the people in our younger generations. 

And I love to write, so I get a lot of inspiration from songs and music helps me think and focus on what I'm writing. It also gets me in the mood to write because sometimes I lose my focus on what it is I'm supposed to be writing :}


things about me:

I post comments. On every chapter.

I get most of my inspiration from music.

I'm probably a naturally-born writer because no matter what I'm doing or what I'm listening to, images and pictures and storylines come flooding into my mind and it creates a story. It doesn't matter if I write that story down or not, but it's always there.

I'm also very weird and silly and crazy :P but aren't we all?


music I love are:

ARASHI!!!! (obviously, my bias is NINO!)

SHINee (my bias is ONEW~!!!!)

Utada Hikaru


Hey! Say! JUMP! (did you see Chinen? HE'S MINE!)

FT Island (my bias is Lee Hongki)

Taylor Swift


Bibi Zhou

Erika Sawajiri 

Puffy AmiYumi (their older stuff.. like 'Splurge' and 'HiHi')

Jay Chou

Maroon 5 (Adam Levine all the way!)

Lady Gaga (sometimes)

Michael Jackson (pure genius)

Show Lou (OMG I love him sooo much!)


Other obsessions include:


The Hunger Games

Harry Potter

Hana Yori Dango

writing stories

picture taking

Snoopy and the Peanut Gang

video making and browsing YouTube