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at the space station, prolly married by now 💍
i'm that childish weirdo who doesn't act her age, who's afraid of people,
straying away from adulthood, and losing herself.
i'm a deep person, so beware...

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ughnikiforov you stole my heart, but i'll let you keep it 💝
#victornikiforov #thatbeautifulman

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v-nikiforov seduce me with all you've got 💋
ughnikiforov katsudon for dinner? 😁 @v-nikiforov
v-nikiforov well then, you can keep my heart, too 💓

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ughnikiforov ayy @itstosun, guess who got yourself another cheesy letter to express her neverending gratitude? ╰(°ㅂ°)╯ yeap, it's this girl right here huehue. brace yourself because you are going to cringe so much!
code: four-letter password, combination of your real name and my real name, similar pronounciation to a gemstone. goodluck, bb! 🎁
#appreciationgift #trynottocringechallenge

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otabek-altin @yuri-plisetsky do you want me to write an appreciation letter for you too?
yuri-plisetsky @otabek-altin what are you? five? (¬_¬)
yuri-plisetsky @otabek-altin go ahead (¬_¬)ノ
v-nikiforov @otabek-altin @yuri-plisetsky wow! 💕