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“here, and not.”


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michelle (also known as; mish, meki, migure, mintiie and more recently, mishtea) | 徐佳盈; 17. 100% Chinese, imported to Australia from New Zealand (via Shanghai). B1A4 is my ot5, writing is a hobby of mine. I adore SNSDArt is embedded me and has been for eight years. Perfume and Yasutaka Nakata are my J-tek angels. I fiddle with graphics and succeed sometimes. Arina Tanemura is my favourite shoujo mangaka. Jennim (clothesencounters) is my favourite youtube person ever. My hair is my main redeeming feature. My Bamboo Fun tablet is my baby. I spend a lot of time in my cushy swivel chair. 




"we only change after we come in contact with other people ..."

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