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Do you make your own cover graphics?

  • Yes, all the time
  • Sometimes
  • I can, but I'm too lazy
  • Nope, I always requests
  • No, but I want to/am learning to!

About Me

I love to write, both original stories and fanfictions. I'm a huge fan of video games, anime, KPop, etc. I love to voice act, sing, and create visual novels and RPGs I've never done KPop fanfiction nor have I really read any, so I am very interested in this side of the fandom. I hope the stories I write here will help aid to kill my current writer's block that has recently been plaguing me from my original projects. I always find pet projects, especially fanfiction, to help remedy this as you can have a lot more fun with it and it serves as good practise or a way to get back into more serious writing ~

My current stories on this site is "Secret Guardian" and "Matoki Signal".