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“Live your life. It’s yours anyway
Don’t try too hard. It’s okay to be a loser”

"My ambition is greater than my effort. My effort is greater than my talent. And my talent is a hostage of my temper. But I persist^^ "

"I’ll sing with all my heart
if you say you can hear my voice”  



"It's Burning Up here"

^﹏^Min Yoongi^﹏^



About Me

✧♡・About Me・♡✧

"You Never Walk Alone"

Hey you!

Yeah, you there~

Welcome to my profile ^^

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I'm JK_TaeHyunnie a writer And blogger!

I'm 14-15 years old^^

i born in 7/1/2003

And I'm generally happy with where I am >w<

Just like you should be! X3


"Money and fame don't define me."


I am respectful, I am responsible, I am prepared.

      We are here For fun; therefore, I will do nothing to prevent my Friends (s) i'll not do nothing for my friends and anyone from reading and have fun!, including myself. I will cooperate with ALL AFF users. I will respect others, and myself. that threatens or hurts a person's heart, feelings, or things.